Models Own Polish For Tans Collection


A very bright blog post for you today in the form of the new super neon Models Own Polish For Tans collection. Summer launches are coming thick and fast but this is definitely a collection to check out as it's more than perfect for summer. 

The new collection consists of 5 neon pastel shades which show-off your complexion whether fair or tanned, warming up pale skin and showing off olive, tanned or dark skin perfectly.You can currently purchase the nail polishes from the Models Own website here or find them in Superdrug stores. They will also be launching in Boots April 16th. 

As a super pale person I initially wasn't that excited by this launch - I don't tan (like never ever) and Models Own already offer quite a lot of neon shades that I love - Pink Punch, Toxic Apple & Bubblegum to name but a few. However on application of the Polish For Tan shades I discovered these actually warm up the palest of skin tones and look super bright... you may even be able to see from my fingers (below) that they actually have a warmed up look to them! So I can't imagine how perfect they will look against an actual tan - possibly the ultimate festival and summer holiday shades right here.

Rambling aside here is the full collection with swatches...


 Sadly my camera wasn't able to pick up the full intensity of the shades (neons and blue shades are my camera nemesis for some peculiar reason) so you will have to imagine these at least 2 shades more neon! However you may be able to spot that these aren't as cool toned as neon shades go but that is the beauty of them which makes them wearable for all skin tone and also tan enhancing. Models Own have actually gone and created neon-pastel shades by taking neon shades and mixing them with a white base to balance out the intensity and therefore producing creamy looking neons!

My only criticism would be that they are quite thick and time does need to be taken to ensure a non-streaky finish that actually dries... try to whack these on before heading out the door and you may end up with not such apretty finish.

Speaking of the finish as you may be able to tell these are a semi matte finish which I think works really well (most visible in the below nail swatch of 'Flip Flop') it almost gives them a jelly plastic look. Though if you aren't keen a clear top coat will set that right.


Had to share with you my favourite shade of the collection first with 'Flip Flop'. Seriously how bright is this... I think this may just be the brightest nail polish I own now! Just so bright yet so wearable and if this is how bright it looks against my skin I can only imagine it looking super shockingly bright on dark or tanned skin tones! I can see this not leaving my fingers and toes on holiday next month. 

Also I know this will make such a great base for nail art (I'm thinking aztec print and palm trees) and fun top coats.


Another favourite here with 'Beach Bag' that I feel I can wear right now as it's a lovely muted orange pastel with a neon glow. Sadly this swatch is a bit off and is looking slightly more peach toned than it should but trust me it's a beaut! This is definitely another matching fingers and toes shade that will really pop against a tan. 

As for least favourite it would have to be 'Sun Hat' not because I don't like it but because I own a lot of barbie pinks and I feel this specific shade doesn't suit pale skin that well. 

Overall this is an amazing range and possibly my favourite summer collection from Models Own EVER! If there was one shade I'd recommend it would be Flip Flop - so bold and perfect for super hot days!

Hands up if you are ready for summer now?! 

Fee xo.

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