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Every so often I like to check out what Pound World have to offer. It is a bit of a trip to get there but is always worth while for the bargains I pick up. This time I was so pleased with the beauty brands they had and what I managed to pick up for only £9! In fact I will be savvy and find out the normal cost of each product and then total up my saving at the end. 

Hope this haul convinces you to check out Pound World at the moment as I'm sure you will be impressed! 


Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel in 'Provence' and 'Bare Bones'
RRP £7.99 
Nail polishes are hands down my favourite purchase from Pound World and what they are really consistent with. Most times in the past year I have spotted Revlon, W7, Sally Hansen and Rimmel nail polishes but this visit was made so worth while for the Revlon Colorstay nail polishes. I love Revlon nail polishes but at £8 I would rather spend on China Glaze or even a mini OPI set but at £1 I definitely couldn't refuse. There were quite a lot of shades however I was restrained and went for a lovely lilac pastel and Bare Bones which I have been wanting ever since Essie from Essie Button mentioned it back in 2013! So pleased with these.

Revlon Scented Nail Enamel in 'Bubble Gum'
RRP £6.49 
I also managed to picked up a perfect summer nail polish shade with Bubble Gum that also has the strange benefit of being scented! I was actually hoping for a bubblegum scent however it is oddly watermelon... but hey ho. I do own so many bright shades for summer already but I know this will grab my attention when it comes to painting my nails just for the added novelty of it being scented. Again the Pound World I visited had quite a lot of shades from the Revlon Scented range.


Macadamia Foot Pack 
RRP £2.50 
Only a few days also I featured a Foot Mask Pack in an eBay Wish List post and mentioned I haven't seen them before... then as coincidences go I spotted this interesting Macadamia one! I will admit I am lazy with foot creams so this seems like a great alternative especially when I've having a pamper evening. Will be making sure to review this as it's quite an interesting product and I want to report back on how I get on with it.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Anti Oxidant Berry SPF 20
RRP £3.00
This was a last minute purchase as I was heading to the till. I have a few Baby Lips Lip Balms now but decided to pick this up for my upcoming holiday as it's SPF 20 and clear. I'm also pretty sure this isn't available in the UK!


Coppertone No-Rub Sunscreen SPF30 
RRP $9.99 
Another holiday purchase here that I was so so pleased to come across as I love clear sunscreen sprays (much easier to apply & non-greasy!) and sunscreen is generally expensive so how could I not at only £1?! Coppertone is a Canadian brand if I'm correct in thinking but from the packaging this was designed for the Asian market. Once home I did have a quick spray to test it out and really this is such a light and clear formula. Very glad I decided to purchase two aerosols one for my holiday and one for summer now! 

Coppertone SPF50 Milk
RRP $5.00
 I also thought at £1 I'd try out the highder SPF 50 Milk as I'm always on the lookout for light high SPF face creams due to having oily skin. This is a great size for my upcoming holiday so I'm please I got this! You can also find this on Amazon for £2.98 with free delivery here.

Malibu Face Cream SPF 50
RRP £2.99 
Another travel sized high SPF suncream here that I thought I'd try out. This may seem like a lot of suncream but for only £4 this will last me all summer! You can find this on The Suncare Shop for £2.99 with free delivery here.

Overall I saved around £35 which is amazing as I picked so many great products. 

Hope you enjoy this savvy haul! 

Fee xo.

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