Non Beauty Favourites - March 2014


After deciding 'Non Beauty/Lifestyle Favourites' from fellow bloggers are my favourite blog posts to read I thought I'd give one a go this month! 

I enjoy so much more every month than just makeup and for the month of March I seemed to discover so many great things that hopefully will be of interest. I will however be doing a Beauty Favourites post very soon. 


Fentimans Traditional Rose Lemonade 
£2.79 - Ocado/Waitrose here 
 An unusual first favourite here with a fizzy soft drink. But this is no normal lemonade, oh no, this is infact the best lemonade I've ever tasted. Beautifully sweet with a soft rose taste and strangely a different type of fizz to standard lemonade which is just lovely. This actually feels like a treat when I buy it as it tastes so good. Ideal for picnics and BBQ's in summer.

Lyle Maple Syrup Individual Portions 
£3.85 for 8 - eBay here (also in select 99p Stores)
A little find in the 99p Store that I will admit I purchased because I have a slightly odd penchant for anything miniature and I've never seem mini syrups before. But this actually turned into one of my favourite buys of the month as I'd totally forgotten how good Maple Syrup was! My favourite way to use the little pots is drizzled on porride for breakfast which literally makes for a bowl of heaven. I've also been enjpoying it mixed with fruit salad which turns a simple bowl of fruit into such an indulgent tasting breakfast.

Paperchase Floral Bird Notebook
£8.00 (similar style) - Paperchase here
Paperchase is easily my favourite place to buy stationary from, however this notebook isn't just in my favourite for the beautiful cover but because it's come in very handy as a diet journal. For the past 6 weeks I have been trying to lose weight and writing everything I eat in this book. I'm not sure how this fully works, maybe it just keeps me in that eating healthy mentality, but it definitely does work as I've now lost over a stone without too much difficulty!

Low Fat Spaghetti Carbonara 
Recipe used - Slimming World Recipes here
One of my favourite recipes I attempted  last month and made quite a few times here. This is a lower in fat version of Spaghetti Carbonara that tastes just as creamy and rich - great for when you want an indulgent dinner whilst staying on track if you are trying to lose weight. Instead of the lean ham this recipe requires I have tried both Turkey Bacon (for more protein/less fat) and Quorn Sausage (the fresh version) already cooked and it tastes amazing! You can also add in mushrooms to bulk it up further. 


Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott
£5.55 - Amazon here 
I mentioned this book in a recent Book haul here, but as it was my favourite read last month I thought I would mention it again. This is a quick read being a slim book with short chapters but this is far from an easy/light read. As mentioned in my book haul this isn't for the faint hearted and you would definitely have to enjoy books of a shocking/exposed nature but if you do. then this will just grip you from beginning to end. You can find a further description of the book in my past post here.

Carex Cola Bottles Hand Wash 
£1.80 - Tesco here
Yes, I really have handwash as a favourite! After vaguely reading about the new-ish Carex Handwash range aimed at children I made a mental note to see if I could find them in my local Tesco and to my delight I did! I may have had a sneaky sniff of them all before deciding Cola Bottles was the best scent (though Strawberry Laces was nice!) and literally smelt like fizzy cola bottle sweets. There isn't really a point in your hands smelling like sweets but every time I wash my hands it kind of makes me happy - sometimes it really is the small things!
Me & Zena Star Necklace 
£6.00 - ASOS (out of stock at time of posting) here
 I hate to mention things that are out of stock but just had to include this cute necklace that I picked up in the ASOS sale last month. This was love at first sight when I spotted it on the ASOS website, instantly reminding me of a Mario Super Star. I was also super please to see it had been reduced to £6 from £15 and was by a good quality brand. Just a fun and cute necklace that is better quality than standard costume jewellery. The pink pouch was also a nice surprise when it turned up!


ASOS Premier Subscription 
£9.95 per year - More info here
 With my 2nd year of having an ASOS Premier account coming to an end this week (I plan to renew when I next buy something from ASOS) and using it so much last month I thought it deserved a mention. ASOS is already a website that offers free P&P so it does seem strange to pay for faster delivery however for only £9.95 you are given unlimited next day delivery (with no minimum order) for a whole year... which let me tell you has come in handy so many times, especially before event, holidays and Christmas. Also throughout the year you receive exclusive codes (the most is 20% off a single purchase) and early previews of sales which are annoyingly tempting but great if you spot something you want. Plus you also receive a monthly copy of the ASOS magazine through your door. Something I will continue to renew each year! 

Breville Blend-Active Personal Blender 
£27.83 - Amazon here 
 This may just be my ultimate favourite product of last month and something I got so much use out of already. The easiest way to see exactly what this product is, is to look at the Amazon description and images of it then all will become clear. Especially as my own photos don't show the base of the blender! In a nutshell this is a smoothie maker where you place all your chopped up fruit/veg in the drink bottle. Then attaching the blade (a simple screw top) and slotting it into the blender base you whizz it up. To drink the smoothie you simply unscrew the blade and attach the drinking lid! The two main benefits of this is it's super quick and saves of washing up as you only have the blade to rinse under the tap and the bottle to wash after you have drank the smoothie. As you can see above I love berry smoothies - my basis of a good smoothie is a handful of ice, 1 banana, a handful of spinach, lots of frozen berries and water. I now try to have a smoothie every other day for breakfast or lunch and really feel it's helping with my weight loss. Definitely the best kitchen appliance I have ever purchased!

Free Jo Malone Wallpaper
Other random favourites... Joanna Lumley Meets here, River Island Cami Tops here & here (so flattering), Juno here, Louis Theroux LA Stories here (recommend the 2nd & 3rd episodes), Free Jo Malone Wallpapers here (currently on my iPhone), Fav non beauty blogs in March - Lookbook Cookbook and Nubby Twiglet, Gabrielle Aplin - Home here

Really hope you've enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! 

Will definitely start doing non-beauty favourite posts more often. 

Fee xo.

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