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As a beauty blogger I constantly have new products to try out... which is amazing! However shamefully some products just don't get used. So today I thought I would have a good rummage through my hoard of body products and select 10 products that I haven't even got round to trying! 

These will be placed in my bathroom/next to my bed/where ever they need to go so that I will actually use them! Then in a months time I will do speed reviews of all the products. So here is my little stash of shamefully brand new products I have yet to try out... 

Dead Spa Magik Bath Salts 
I've heard good things about Bath Salts and Dead Spa Magik is a brand I really like. However I'm not such a fan of baths... I get bored plus baths without bubbles just seems a bit dull. But I will be trying these and reporting back on the 'magik'. 

Montagne Jeunesse Cream Coconut Mask 
With a stack of face masks I just haven't got around to using this but 'Creamy Coconut' sounds perfect and I'm sure I will love it. I could imagine this being perfect for summer.

Snowberry Soothing Facial Massage Oil 
I purchased this with a Snowberry Day Cream which I love, however this massage oil was left sadly unused. This is quite a high end product packed full of natural ingredients so I'm looking forward to trying this now. 

Lush The God Mother Soap 
Lush Soaps are my favourites! This has been scenting my bathroom cabinet since Christmas and smells amazing... like blackberry sweets! For this reason it didn't feel appropriate for winter but now spring is on it's way I can cut this up into cubes and get using it. 

 Vichy Idealia Cream (sample)
Day Creams are something I have in abundance. I have lots of favourites so new little samples just don't get a look in. But this sample caught my eye when 'shopping my stash' as it claims to be a soothing and illuminating cream. Brightening/illuminating creams are my favourite so I'm looking forward to trying this out.

N-Spa Skin Renewal Gel 
Shockingly not got round to trying this even though I love the sound of it! A gentle gel exfoliator that breaks down dead skin cells with fruit acids. I'm very much into non-abrasive ways of exfoliating, so interested in trying this out and comparing it to my favourites.  

Miss Pattisserie Sherbet Star Bath Cake
This was a cheap impulse purchase in the after Christmas sales due to the cute packaging and look of the bath bomb. The scent of this is so strong and lemon-y. Will be making use of this at the weekend I think.

Rituals Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk Body Cream 
With so many body butters and cream smaller samples just get hidden away in my storage box of lotions and potions. I shamefully haven't even smelt this but the Cherry Blossom & Rice Milk scent sounds like a lovely combination for spring. 

Chapter III Poppy & Wild Cherry Bath Caviar 
This was another impulse purchase in TK Maxx as I'd never come across Bath Caviar/Pearls and loved the look of them! An interesting  product that I'm surprised I haven't got around to trying out!

Fushi Organic Macadamia Nut Oil  
A fairly new addition to my stash here. I love multi purpose oils and Fushi is a great brand for them. Will have to make sure I put it through it's paces and use it on my hair, body and even try it with food! 

So glad to be shopping some of my stash and trying out new products.
I may also have to do this with my makeup! 

A great task to do if you are on a spending ban or saving drive.

Fee xo.

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