NOTD - Tanya Burr Riding Hood


Finally got my hands on a wonderful Tanya Burr nail polish and thought I would show it off as it's such a beauty! 

As most of you will know Tanya Burr (Youtube Channel here if for some reason you have never heard of her) has recently launched her own lip and nail polish collection with Eye Candy. I've tried a few Eye Candy nail polishes and have loved them, so I was hoping the Tanya Burr nail polishes would be just as good. However I was even more impressed as the finish is just ultra glossy... just look at how the light bounces off the nails and that is without a top coat! Also this is with just a single coat!


One thing I love about the nail polish range is the shade range from pretty pastels to rich darks... also they come with the cutest names - Little Ducks and Mini Marshmallows to name just a few. Riding Hood is one of the more richer shades from the collection and I can honestly say I don't own a more luxurious looking red than this. 

Riding Hood is the perfect shade to wear both day and night and I just couldn't believe it only needed one coat.. though two coats would give a slightly darker finish. I'm just so pleased with the quality of this nail polish and feel I can really recommend this nail polishes now as to be honest I 'm always a bit wary when celebrities and the like team up with brands. But this nail polish certainly gets the thumbs up from me.

You can find the Tanya Burr nail polish range on Feel Unique here or in select Superdrug stores for £5.99 each. 

Fee xo.

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