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As most of you will know I am quite obsessed with eBay. I love searching for hours to find a bargain or creating wish lists here on Makeup Savvy. 

In fact I've always had a love for eBay, it was my first source of 'earnt money' as a teenager as I used to buy and sell things with the help of my dad from the age of 12! As for purchases, I have found so many amazing things through eBay, it's allowed me to develop a passion for Korean makeup without breaking the bank and indulge in my nail polish addiction even more... especially with bargain glitter nail polishes and nail art. Which is why I was thrilled when eBay contacted me asking if I wanted to be a part in their new eBay Collections. 

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eBay Collections are a new fun way to 'pin' your favourite items creating almost story boards to share with others on the platform or as a more creative way of personally watching items. My first collections are of course all beauty related, with boards such as Travel Beauty Essentials, Nail Art Craze and On The Dressing Table to name but a few. My own personal favourite collection has to be 'Budget Beauty' as I truly love budget beauty products so the collection is a combination of products I love and also want to try out. I also love my 'On The Dressing Table' collection as I'm currently re-decorating my makeup room so this is a great visual board of interior items I love.

Collections can be created by anyone as long as you have an eBay account, so if you do create any let me know and I will be sure to check them out and follow. 

Hope you find some inspirations through my own collections so far.
Fee xo. 

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