My Dream Makeup Room


A true escapism post today! 

Who doesn't love a bit of indulgent daydreaming from time to time, whether it's dreaming of exotic holidays or winning the lottery (even if you don't play it!) - we all partake in this pastime from time to time. 

This post was totally inspired by Briar Rose's 'A Peek Into My Dream House' post here, which you should have a read of or just swoon over all the pretty interiors. Instead of showing you around my dream home I thought I would share with you what my dream makeup room would look like! 

When it comes to having a makeup room I am already lucky enough to have one! It's definitely a work in progress but hopefully by summer I will have it exactly how I want it. As you will be able to see from the images below I love to include elements of fun and colour whilst keeping it chic with subtle parisian pieces. Lots of ideas here I hope to incorporate into my makeup room which I will be sure to show you once it's finished!

Image sources - 1/2/3/4

 The Desk...
In a dream makeup room my makeup desk which would be forever tidy with just a few trinkets, notepads and ornaments adorning it. Stationary would have to be from the Rifle Paper Co as it's just so beautiful and a Kartell Bourgie Ghost Lamp would finally be mine! 

As for the desk itself I would keep it simple in style though from past experience I would have a custom piece of glass over the top to prevent makeup marks and scratches. I also love the positioning of the desk above looking over the room instead of facing the wall! I'd also love to have an eclectic gallery wall of illustrations, vintage magazine adverts and photos in all different frames.

Image source - Wardrobe from Graham & Green

Beauty Storage...
Ahhh makeup storage, this is where I would go a bit crazy and ensure my entire collection was organised into towers of acrylic Muji Storage Drawers by product catagory. I'd also expand my nail polish wall to be able to hold the rest of my collection - though I'd still DIY it!

 As for body care products I love a beautiful mirrored french armoire which would be fitted out with shelves to hold different storage baskets of body and hair care products. Hopefully this would keep me organised but a huge wardrobe like this would be ideal for hiding away my messy stash!

finish touches
Image sources - 1/2/3/4

Finishing Touches...
Finishes touches are what really make a room personal and interesting. Fun touches would be added with this amazing rabbit chair and multi-coloured tassel bunting hung along a white wall. I'd also have to have a little nook or chaise lounge with quirky cushions from my favourite illustrator - Fiona Hewitt.

For more chic touches beautiful orchids would decorate the windowsills and a large french mirror lent against a wall as a full length outfit mirror and for styling my hair in front of.


Other Luxuries... 
Now this is total daydreaming but as this is a dream makeup room it's therefore allowed! My ultimate fantasy makeup room would lead out onto a courtyard through large french doors which would be filled with beautiful climbers and plants like a private secret garden. This would then lead out to a larger area with a heated swimming pool that would be partially covered much like the image above. This probably doesn't work with British weather, but a girl can still dream! 

 Woosh, that was a detailed fantasy room. Hope you enjoyed daydreaming along with me!

Fee xo. 

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