NOTD - Rimmel Space Dust in Aurora


Ever wonder how a specific product hasn't been on your radar until you spot it online or see it on someone else? This is exactly how I am feeling right now about this beauty of a nail polish... just how did it slip though the net?! 

When Rimmel's Space Dust range hit shelves in October last year the nail polishes just seemed to pass me by as so many other brands were coming out with textured nail polishes. But little did I know their glistening beauty... though I will admit after looking at swatches of the other 4 shades in the range, Aurora, really is the most dazzling of them all. So I can see how this wasn't a range that jumped out at me.

Aurora I feel actually doesn't need words, it just need to be admired and marvelled at. I mean is this seriously a high-street nail polish priced at only £3.99? (currently an amazing £2.50 on ASOS here). Mind, actually blown.


As you may be able to tell I am slightly in love with this nail polish. From the beautiful pink champagne tone to the finely milled glitter that just catches the light perfectly. As for the texture for once I think this enhances the nail polish and is needed to let the light bounce off the different sized glitter. Plus the texture is surprisingly smooth to touch and not raised from the nail, though for a smooth look and I'm sure a more intense glitter finish a top coat could be added - I will be trying this out and sharing I'm sure. 

When it comes to application and wear, 2 coats for me was enough for complete coverage and the micro glitter really meant application wasn't a pain... in fact this was a nice nail polish to apply and quick drying to it's perfect lustre finish. Tip wear and chipping wise this has also impressed me and still looked perfect on removal after 3 days wear. 

Simply a beautiful nail polish for special occasion nails or if you just love amazingly glittery nails like I do! 

Fee xo. 

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