3 Current Skincare Favourites


As mentioned in a recent post I have changed up my skincare routine quite a lot in the past two months. So today I thought I would share 3 products that I feel have transformed my skin. Giving me much clearer and smoother skin than ever before! 

Dead Sea Spa Magik Black Mud Soap 
£3.90 - Feel Unique here 
As part of my skincare change up I decided to go back to using a SLS-free soap on non-makeup days. I've tried a few facial soaps similar to this (Cor Silver Soap and Sebamed Cleansing Bar) and have always found them to work great on blemish prone/oily skin so decided to try out one from Dead Sea Spa Magik. The black soap actually lathers in to a white foam and feels much like a traditional soap minus all the rubbish ingredients that can strip and irritate the skin. So far I have been more than pleased with this as it cleansing my skin without leaving it dry and I feel it is preventing spots. If you have any skin problems or want to avoid parabens, fragrance or sulphates then this is a soap worth trying out.

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +
£11.92 (introductory offer) - Boots here  
Finally a moisturiser that I can apply all over the face and know it's working on all the different side effects of oily/blemish prone skin. This wonder product prevent blemishes, unblocking pores, refines skin texture and fades the appearance of blemish marks. I almost feel I am addicted to this stuff now as I actually want to apply this morning and night just to keep my skin looking great. The biggest improvement had been the fading of past small marks on my skin which has really pleased me but I've also noticed a difference in the texture of my skin, so much smoother especially on my forehead where I use to get a few very small bumps. Really worth picking while it's at the introductory price. 

 Mudd Original Deep Cleansing Clay Mask
99p  Sachet - Boots here
 This mask isn't new to me but as I loved the effects of it I decided to incorporate it into my skincare on a weekly basis... I need to pick up the 10 application pouch instead of using sachets really. Since then when my skin is feeling a bit too oily or I have the odd spot or too many blackheads I just apply this mask and it works it's magic. This is the most affective clay mask I have come across, you can actually see the mask drying and absorbing the oily from your pores, clearing the skin looking instantly clearer. An amazing mask for the price that I just couldn't be without now!
A full skincare routine post to come by the end of the month with my updated morning and evening routine. 

Fee xo.

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