Valentine's Day Nails with Models Own New HyperGel


As today is Valentine's Day I thought instead of just showing you regular swatches of the new Models Own HyperGel collection I would incorporate some Valentine's Day nail art into the mix.

Firstly let me just express how excited I am for this range - 10 Gel-like nail polishes without the hassle/process of gel application but with the hi-shine and coverage and all at the normal price of £5 each! Models Own really have produced a quality collection here with spot on shades for Spring/Summer 2014. 

Full swatches and details of where you can buy the HyperGel collection at the 
bottom of the post.


Models Own Naked Glow Hypergel
£5.00 here

First up one of my favourite shades from the range! Naked Glow is a perfect soft beige that reminds me more of a paint shade than anything else. But as it's such a soft shade I knew it would look perfect alone but also as a base for all nail art... I actually cannot wait to wear it with gold nail art studs adorning each nail.

 Unfortunately as most of the nail art covers the Hypergel nail polish you can't really see the shine from this but like all the shades in the collection this really doesn't need a topcoat. This is also a perfect two coat nail polish, though I did in fact get away with one coat here! A beautiful shade that has to be up there with Models Own 'Utopia' for being such a serene shade.


Model Own Pink Veneer 
£5.00 - here

Another shade I was drawn to that I could instantly see working well with Red Lustre (the vivid red from the collection). Though not as opaque as some of the bright shades (taking 2-3 coats) this baby pink definitely makes up for it in the shine department giving such a hi-shine finish. I could see this looking amazing come spring/summer especially with pale skin tones. 

Here I decided to create some very quick heart tipped nails by painting the top of a heart to each nail tip by sweeping the brush in an 'M' shape. I then decided to decorate each heart with dots using White Light (the white from the collection) and a dotting tool.

Swatches left to right - Coral Glaze, Blue Glint, Cerise Shine, Turquoise Gloss, Red Lustre, Cornflower Gleam, Lilac Sheen, Naked Glow and White Light.

Favourites - Without a doubt Naked Glow as I love soft nude shades and Lilac Sheen as it's such a perfect lavender shade for spring.
Least liked - This would have to be White Light as the 3 coat coverage was a bit underwhelming and I don't feel a white wasn't that needed in the collection.
If you could only buy two shades (2 for £8 at Boots) - Naked Glow, reasons above and Red Lustre as it's such a vivid red with a perfect hi-gloss formula.

Release Dates 
The HyperGel collection is now available to purchase online from the Models Own website here or from the two UK Models Own Bottleshops. Boots will be starting to stock the collection from 19th February then Superdrug there after on March 12th. All priced at £5.00 each.

More nail swatches from the new collection to come next week! 

Which shades do you like the look of? 

Fee xo.

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