5 Products I'd Love to Love... but Can't!


Products that you just can't seem to love however many brands you try out... we all have them. I know people that just can't 'get' dry shampoo or see the beauty of cream blushers. So today I thought I would share with you my own product dislikes that I can never see myself loving!
Since my teens I've tried more hairsprays than I care to remember yet hated them time and time again. I can see the purpose of hairspray yet can't stand the crispy feeling it gives to the hair. Plus is it just me or do they seem really toxic with their overpowering chemical fumes. Thankfully I don't do anything to my hair that warrants the use of hairspray and even if I did I think I would give it a miss now.

 Face primers 
This is more of a love/hate product for me. I absolutely love the effects a good primer can bring but sadly most don't seem compatible with my skin and result in breaking me out in small clusters of spots. I'm still unsure if this is the nature of primers not letting the skin breathe or if in fact I'm allergic to a specific ingredient that a lot of primers contain. But either way it is a bit disappointing when there are product such as Benefit The Porefessional which do an amazing job of diffusing the skin and making makeup last. I do however get on with the Tony Moly Egg Pore Smooth Primer Balm as long as I use it sparingly.

Peel off Masks 
 Ahhh I do love a good face mask. From drying one to cream ones I love relaxing with a face mask on. But one consistancy of mask I just can't seem to get on with is peel-off ones... they just don't seem as effective and the consistancy is so different from other masks, almost like honey. But my major gripe with peel off masks is their purpose! Which may seem strange but is it all for ease of removal? Because you know you will always need to wash off the excess parts that don't peel off. I just don't understand the benefits of a peel-off mask.

Yankee Candles
90% of beauty bloggers may be gasping in horror at this one! And yes, if I could I would be obsessed with Yankee candles as the next blogger but sadly the fact is they give me a headache. Though I can indulge in the Yankee Candle wax tarts as they aren't as headache inducing - so all isn't lost. Maybe I'm just too use to organic candles now or the scents are too overpowering, I'm not sure. But I do feel like I'm missing out on the yummy scents they have to offer, especially at Christmas. 

Organic Makeup 
When it comes to organic bodycare products and even skincare I am all over it. I love how mild yet effective organic products are and have had some of the best results with organic products. But sadly the same can't be said about most organic makeup brand I have tried. After loving body products from Lavera I decided to try out their mascara and liquid eyeliner only to be pretty disappointed with the quality, with both products becoming very dry and flaky without a matter of hours. Which has been my experience with a handful of organic cosmetics brands now and I simply don't think organic and makeup sit together well or it hasn't been developed enough. Of course if any of you are lovers of organic makeup I'd love to hear your brand suggestions. 

Are there any products you can't get on with?

Fee xo.

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