Top 5 of 2013 - Bodycare


Garnier Body Ultimate Beauty Oil 
£6.80 - Feel Unique here or Boots/Superdrug
Last year I decided to stop being lazy with moisturising and vowed myself to use some type of moisturiser after I showered. To keep this up I purchased my first spray oil and found my holy grail body product in the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil! This gorgeous smelling oil acts as almost a dry body oil making it non-transferable to clothing and non-sticky on the skin. It also soaks into the skin quickly leaving it soft and with a slightly satin sheen that makes the skin look healthy. Compared to other moisturisers this gives my skin the same benefits as a thick moisturiser or body butter but without all the effort.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream 
£10.50 - Boots here 
A body butter so good I actually want to eat it... or just breath it in (which I do). Think a yummy mix of pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla... okay that doesn't really describe the scent. Basically think Bakewell Tarts but yummier and then you are nearly there. Aside from the amazing smell this body butter really is like butter as the name of it suggests. I apply this to my legs and arms when I want to pamper myself, again due to the scent but also because it feels like a much higher end body butter. Definitely worth a cheeky sniff when you are next in Boots.


Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter 
£2.89 - Waitrose or Ocado here
I purchased this balm out of interest after discovering it was Waitrose's most sold body care product. Yes, designed for babies bums but also raved about as an amazing body balm. On first use of this I instantly understand why it's such a successful product. 1. This balm/butter smells god damn amazing... like white creamy chocolate 2. It's a thick balm that soaks in to the skin and instantly hydrates and soothes  3. There isn't anything else like it on the high street. I do reserve this for extra dry patches of skin but I also use it on my feet with socks at night as a nice treatment and also as a cuticle balm. Worth making a visit to Waitrose for!

Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub 
£8.00 - Boots here 
Another amazing S&G product here and also one that made last years cut as well. Soap & Glory certainly know how to make body care products that smell delicious. Heavens forbid I was told I could only use one scrub in the shower this would be the one I'd picked (thankfully that isn't the case as I can continue with my body scrub addiction). The Breakfast Scrub for me is not only yummy smelling but the perfect consistency making it a joy to use in the shower, exfoliating the skin well but without being at all harsh. This also doesn't leave behind any oily residue on the skin which is a bit of a pet peeve of mine.

Melvita Extra-Gentle Body Scrub 
£16.00 - Look Fantastic here
As I mentioned above I like my scrubs... I like my scrubs enough to have different ones for each season and this is my go-to summer scrub. The main reason for this is the amazing natural sugary orange scent which I just can't get enough  but also how enjoyable and fresh feeling on the skin it is. As the product name suggests this is a gentle scrub and contains sugar and orange peel to naturally exfoliate the skin. One of the more pricey shower products I continue to re-purchase because I can't get enough of it in summer.
My next Top 5 post is a bit of a mix of products with a 'miscellaneous' category. 

Hope you're enjoying the series so far.

Fee xo.

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