Top 5 of 2013 - Hair


Tangle Teezer 
£8.58 - Beauty Bay here  
A product I really don't know how I lived without. This is a miracle brush on tangled wet hair and something I need with over dying my hair through the years. This effortlessly removes even the worse tangles without tugging or pulling on the hair. Pricey than a normal brush but my own Tangle Teezer is still going strong even after a few years and I use it every time I wash my hair. 100% money well spent. 

Nicky Clarke DesiRED Wide Hair Straighteners 
£59.99 - Amazon here  
The hair straightener that made me give my GHD's to my sister! I think that pretty much says it all really doesn't it. I could have never imagined loving a pair of hair straighteners more than GHD's but then these came along and with the slightly wider plates I found myself straightening my hair in lightening speed and to the same results of my GHD's. These also have a temperature gauge so I like to think they aren't as damaging as I try to use the medium setting most of the time. Beyond impressed with these.


Macadamia Deep Repair Masque 
£13.95 for 250ml - Amazon here
When it comes to hair care products I'm a self confessed hair conditioner junkie, my shower is constantly over flowing with different conditioners and masks. But the one hair mask that just leaves me with perfect hair is the Macadamia Deep Repair Mask, it really does give salon worthy results to damaged hair. I actually remember using this for the first time (yes I actually have a stored memory because it was that good) and just being amazed as I dried my hair at how soft and nourished looking it was. A pet peeve of mine is hair conditioners/masks in a tub and with this mask anything over 100ml does come in a tub but the 100ml size does come in a tube thankfully which you can find on Beauty Bay for £8.96 here.

Organic Surge 2-Minute Moisture Mask 
£3.00 on sale - Organic Surge here 
Another favourite hair mask that I like to use when I don't have as much time. This is one that really helps the end of my hair from feeling damaged and elastic (does anyone else get that - that feeling of the hair strands almost being stretchy?). Which is pretty great for leaving it on for only 2 minutes. I also love, love, love the subtle sweet smell that have a hint of coconut in it from the coconut oil.

Moroccan Oil Treatment
£13.45 - Feel Unique here 
Ahhhh beloved Moroccan Oil how I love you so. This is another haircare product I use every time I wash my hair as I'm styling it. For me this has multiple benefits... it of course tames my hair amazingly reducing frizz, it also reduces the drying time of my hair by half as it soaks up so much water and it also makes my hair dry more straight without the natural waves I have. So I'm pretty much addicted to using this stuff now and can't dry my hair without it. It does seem a little steep in price for a small 25ml bottle but trust me so little is needed that it lasts forever.

My Top 5 Body care products of 2013 will be up tomorrow! 

Fee xo. 

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