NOTD - Revlon Matte Suede Emerald City


A lovely unique nail polish to share with you today from the now discontinued Revlon Matte Suede line. Though thankfully all the shades can still be found online.

Emerald City is beautiful nail polish that contains micro shimmer with a satin finish. Giving it a little more sheen and interest than just a matte nail polish. It also has the option of being a normal glossy nail polish with the appplication of a top coat, which really brings out the shimmer and emerald green shade. You can find Emerald City on eBay here for £2.99 free p&p.


What I love about this nail polish is how unique it looks on the nails. Never would I wear green nail polish normally but with the finish and the emerald green shade it just works and looks chic. 

Application wise this is also a dream, just the right thickness and coats the nails with ease. Drying time is also really speedy. As for changing the nail polish in to a glossy finish with a clear top coat I actually can't decided if I like it more or the same as the matte suede finish as it really brings out the amazing emerald shade and subtle shimmer.

Just a beautiful nail polish for winter. 

Fee xo.

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