My New Year's Resolutions - 2014


Happy New Year! 

Much like everyone I have my own new year's resolutions swimming around my head today so I thought I would note them down here on my blog as a very visible reminder, that I plan to check back on in 6 months time. I like to keep NY resolutions positive and simple so fingers crossed I will be able to achieve them in the next 365 days!

Blog Resolutions

Become an organised blogger/human being
Ironically this was one of my resolutions last year! Sadly I wasn't blessed with having an organised brain that seeks happiness is tidiness and targets. Which I'm totally fine with in day-to-day list, however when it comes to blogging, especially blogging/online writing full time it seriously calls for structure to work affective and not just procrastinate 80% of the time! I can't say I fully know how I'm going to turn around my laid back/slightly chaotic approach to blogging but I'm hoping the white board I recently purchased will help me create a weekly post schedule and of course a new year wouldn't be complete for me without a notebook. I may also have to purchase a few more Muji drawers as a little incentive to staying more organised when it comes to my makeup stash... that comes under being an organised blogger, right?

Avoid becoming a 'professional' blogger 
Now this may seem a slightly strange one as being a 'pro blogger' essentially means making a living/a profit from blogging... which I already fortunately do. But I really felt last year was the year that blogs became professional, and sometimes not even for monetary reasons. Blogs became sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing, bloggers felt the need to blog more frequently, writing styles became more important and editorial like and frankly we are started to take blogging that bit more seriously. I guess this was a result in blogs becoming more popular on the whole as magazine seem to have had there day now. But to be honest if you enjoy blogging it is easy to find yourself swept up in this need to constantly be improving your blog. I've seen a few blogs I use to love, and still do read, go down this path of improvement to the point there blog starts to lack character and even flaws that make a blog interesting and unique, which is a bit of a shame. So my vow to you, yes you sitting there, is to keep on being slow to review the latest products, to post too many nail posts and wish lists and even this year divert a bit and post a few book reviews and recipes.

 Start a new blog/website
For someone that is pretty disorganised - see my first new year's resolution, this is a pretty big challenge... especially to be motivated and on the ball enough to get it up and going. But way last year I have an idea for a nail art/nail blog so I secured the domain name for it (the dodar) but then life being lazy got in the way and I did nothing with it. Thankfully I still think it's a good idea so my aim is to get it done and live within 2 months or so... it's not a huge thing but I am a slow coach. This does all sound cryptic at the moment but once I have created it into an actually website I will be blogging about it!

Do an international beauty swap
In the past few years I have done a couple of beauty swaps, one with a sadly now ex-blogger in Italy and another small one with the lovely Rachel from Blush & Brunch who lives in Korea. My Italian swap introduced me to Kiko which is a brand I really do love now and has become available in the UK and my swap with Rachel only aided my love of Tony Moly products! So this year I hope to arrange at least one swap with a fellow blogger in the U.S as I have a mental list of so many drugstore products I want to try. I highly recommend beauty swaps to any beauty bloggers as they are such a good way of discovering new brands and doing something a little different.

Life Resolutions 

 Set myself a reading challenge for the year 
This resolution has been without a doubt inspired by Vilde from V for Vilde that set herself the challenge of reading 300 books in 2013 which she completed! But if that isn't amazing enough she went on to read a total of 421... which just blows my mind a bit as that is more than one book a day! This was a challenge she set herself through Good Reads so I may have to do the same... though my sister did buy me a lovely Book Journal for Christmas that I will be using. My goal is nowhere near as amazing as Vilde's but I hope to read at least 2 books per month, so I have set myself a little challenge of reading 25 books for 2014. If you have any book recommendations please feel free to share them with me in the comments!

Eat clean more often
Ahhh the most cliche New Year's Resolution of them all! I won't ramble on about this one as it's pretty self explanatory and boring. But after all the over indulgence of Christmas this resolution is as welcomed and positive as all the rest... I just need to make sure it stays that way! Eating clean is pretty simple in theory - you eat less processed crap. But with my love of pizza and cherries in syrup-y sugary goodness it's never going to happen... well full time that is. So my resolution is to eat clean more often especially to start off the day and at least a few super healthy dinners per week.

Learn a new skill/take a course
Probably my vaguest resolution but hopefully still one I will go ahead and do as I could see it being something totally different and enjoyable. I haven't have a full look at brochures for courses but my idea is to take a course were I can see my progression each week and hopefully take away a new skill at the end of it. Just as a little self esteem booster and a step to spend less time on the internet!

Hope you all have a lovely New Year's Day and a great new year! 

Fee xo.

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