New Year's Eve Nails


When it comes to Christmas and NYE nails my thoughts of chic looking nails go out of the window. The more glitter the better I say... even if it's a nightmare to remove! 

So as you can see my New Years Eve allowed for no taste and I mixed glitter with sequins! 

I feel I should quickly skim over the rest of my nails and talk about the amazing sequins! So for the main part of the manicure I used Avon Rapid Black nail polish (favourite black) and a nifty little Nailene Glitter Fx that puffs out just the right amount of glitter onto the nail (here for £4 or ASOS have their own version 3 for £6 here). Finishing with a coat of trusty Seche Vite.


Then for the star of the show I used a little bottle of Miss Mistletoe sequins from my wonderful Ciate Mini Nail Polish Advent Calendar. As you can expect sequins aren't the easiest thing to work with but just applying it to two nails was easy enough (as fiddly as caviar nails I'd say but with better staying power). To adhere the sequins to my nail I applied a coat of a metallic gold nail polish as a base coat and left it to go tacky. I then slowly poured the sequins from the bottle onto my nail with paper underneath so I could tip the excess sequins back into the bottle. Then I simply pressed the sequins down and applied a slightly thicker than normal coat of Seche Vite. 

Sadly Miss Mistletoe sequins aren't available outside of the Ciate Calendar... however I discovered Ciate do have Sequinned Manicure Kits that contain a large pot of sequins and a sticky base coat to really secure the sequins to the nail. I'm not sure how many sequin kits Ciate do but I found a lovely kit reduced to £7 at John Lewis here that contains multi-coloured sequins! 

Overall my nails could have been a touch on the coordination side, as I don't think the sequins go to well with the black (maybe a gold or nude would have worked better) but I like them none the less. 

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve. See you in 2014!

Fee xo. 

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