The 2013 Christmas Tag


The wonderful and clever Georgina has gone and done it again and created another seasonal tag! And as I enjoyed the last one so much I thought I would do the Christmas version... because I can't get enough of Christmas and love talking about it! 

You can find Georgina's answers here along with links to all the other bloggers who have done the tag. Of course feel free to do this as well and use my image or Georgina's. 

1.  Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic?
I think if you have grown up with a real Christmas tree it becomes a tradition to go and pick it and dance around it trying not to stand on the pine needles all Christmas. However that wasn't me so a good old plastic one does me fine... and I'm sure always will! 

2.  You're in a coffee shop, it's December, what do you pick?
Decisions, decisions! I'm actually very fussy when it comes to hot drinks and have only just got into drinking a very milky coffee! So I would probably stand there umming and ahhing for 10 minutes then go with the safer option of a white hot chocolate. But this year I'm going to try to branch out and try an Orange Mocha from Starbucks. 

3.  Whats your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?
Now that I'm a fully fledged adult I go for quite a stylish look with lots of silver baubles and silver beads draped over the branches. However when I was little I remember helping to decorate the tree with the now retro seeming multi coloured lights and masses of tinsel and mis-match baubles. I actually kind of wish I could have that kind of tree again as it seems a lot more magical.  

4.  Giving or receiving?
I of course love opening presents on Christmas Day then having a pile of new things to enjoy and try out on Boxing Day however I really feel I get more enjoyment from givng presents. I would say it's more the writing lists of ideas of what to buy people, the late night shopping and then wrapping them up and making them look pretty. Then the actual giving of them would come last... just because there are so many presents flying about on Christmas Day for people to actually spend time looking over their presents. That is so what Boxing Day is for... and films... and food of course! 

5.  To mince pie or not to?
For the longest time I thought mine pies actually contained mince meat which totally put me off. To the point that even though I now know it's minced fruit I'm still put off. But then again I also don't like pastry all that much... so no mince pies for me, thank you. 

6.  What's your traditional Sunday lunch?
I'm not sure if this question just means in general or what a typical Christmas lunch would consist of... so I will go for Christmas day lunch. I go to my sisters for Christmas Day and luckily she's a very cook. We have Turkey of course, mash potatoes, roast potatoes, little sausages wrapped in bacon, stuffing and french style peas. So amazing! 

7.  Christmas day fashion
If I didn't have to go out on Christmas Day I'd definitelyy spend it in my pyjamas (generally new Christmas ones!) but as I do, I try to dress up a little bit but also dress for comfort. So a nice not overly fitted dress with black tights.

8.  What's your favourite Christmas song?
I pretty much love all Christmas songs but the one that makes me feel most festive is 'I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday' by Wizzard. Christmas songs whilst out present shopping and then wrapping presents are a must! I may even own the Justin Bieber Christmas album....

9.  What's your favourite Christmas film?
This is such a tough one because there are so many I like... but it has to be 'Surviving Christmas' it's not overly popular but it just makes me laugh so much and it has that wonderful Christmas spirit to it. 

10.  Open presents before or after lunch?
 Always before! I actually don't know anyone who leaves presents until after lunch... it just seems way too proper and grown-up for my liking.

Hope you enjoyed my answers and of course feel free to do the tag as well and leave me a comment linking to yours so I can have a read! 

Fee xo. 

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