My Top 5 Festive Films


It is officially time to start counting down to Christmas and watching as many Christmas films as humanly possible! I absolutely love watching festive films snuggled under a blanket with the Christmas tree all lit up (a box of chocolates and snow are extra special bonuses). 

I have quite a few Christmas films I haven't seen that I want to watch before Christmas, so I may do mini reviews of them mid-December. But here are my top 5 absolute favourites in order of how much I love them...

Home Alone 1 & 2 
Home Alone 1 £3.00 - Amazon here
Home Alone 2 £3.75 - Amazon here 
 Is including two films in one cheating a bit? Both films are so great that I couldn't not include both. These are the kind of family Christmas movies that you can watch time and time again and won't get old or less laugh out loud. There really isn't anything I can dislike about these films as they are so well done and also oddly believable! 
Favourite scene: I think I may have to cheat again here and say the scenes were all Kevin's booby traps come off... just constant laughter! Trap montage clip here.

Surviving Christmas 
£3.50 - Amazon here
Not a hugely popular Christmas film but a total favourite of mine. This is a feel good heart warming film with lots of laughs. I'm not a huge fan of Ben Affleck but he plays a great part in this as does James Gandolfini who plays the dad of the family.
Favourite scene: Not really a specific but I love the strained relationship between the 'adopted' son and the dad so much.

The Family Stone 
£3.85 - Amazon here 
 This is one all about the dynamics of the Stone family and about family values in general. Unlike a lot of Christmas films this is quite real, though with lots of comedy elements. Heart warming but also very sad towards the end! Also a great cast with - Sarah Jessica Parker, Claire Danes, Diane Keaton, Rachel Mc Adams and Luke Wilson. 
Favourite scene: For me this film is about the bigger picture of what family really means so I can't pick out a favourite scene.

Love Actually 
£4.90 - Amazon here
 Love actually is a fast paced film set in the countdown to Christmas and all about love... all types of love. Making this a funny, sad and uplifting film that anyone can watch and enjoy. It is toward the bottom of my list though as there are some characters I really don't like in it. But on the whole it's a great festive film. 
Favourite scene: When Mark appears at Juliet's front door with the pre-wrote cards and confesses his true feeling for her but without any agenda at all. Ahhh too many emotions! You can see the clip here.

£3.90 - Amazon here
This is without a doubt a children's Christmas film for adults. And what I mean by that is it can be enjoyed by children but I feel adults get the humour a lot more and also re-live the excitement of Christmas. Will Ferrel is also excellent as Buddy The Elf and gives a very believable performance. 
Favourite scene: Where Buddy mistakes a dwarf for an Elf and can't let it go ending in "He's an angry elf". You can see the clip here

Let me know your favourite Christmas films especially if they aren't on my list! 

Fee xo.  

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