Jimmy Choo Flash Perfume Review


I have a specific party season scent for you today! Yes, I may be enjoying it way ahead of the holiday season but this sweet floral perfume is fast becoming my daytime favourite. 

You see I am a true lover of sweet perfumes - Guerlain Insolence, Thierry Mugler Angel, Prada Candy, Harajuku Lovers G.... and now Jimmy Choo Flash.

For me there are two types of sweet when it comes to scents - gourmand (yummy) sweet and floral sweet and this is definitely the later with notes of white flowers making up the floral part and the sweet coming from notes of tangerine and apparently strawberry, which I really can't smell.

When the fragrance settles down the white flowers of lily and jasmine stay along with a slightly peppery scent that gives it that sophisticated edge. This also comes with great staying power for around 6-7 hours on me and spritzed on to a scarf it just doesn't fade - well done Jimmy!


As for the bottle the idea behind it was for it to look like paparazzi flash bulbs, which I actually think it does and gives it a very glitzy look. I also love that it's cubed shaped and textured, really different from everything else in my perfume collection.

Who would I suggest this to? Anyone that likes a sweet slightly sickly fragrance, of course in a good way! Also someone that is looking for a perfume that they can spritz all over themselves before a night out that wants a strong girly scent. However for some reason I really couldn't see this working in summer heat... it would be too much. 

You can find the 40ml EDP for £30.50 from Fragrance Direct here which isn't too bad I don't think.

I feel I should probably be wearing this as a more evening scent as it's quite glamorous but I really am addicted to how sweet it is! 

Fee xo.

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