Christmas House Advent Calendar


With only a week until the start of December it's time to be getting your Advent Calendar sorting if you haven't already. My calendar of choice this year is a lovely Lindt one (here) as I love Lindt chocolate. Then I have this wonderful Christmas House Advent Calendar for my nieces to enjoy that I will be filling with chocolate and little gifts - hair accessories, little Moshi Monsters etc. 

This amazing Advent Calendar can be found at Dot Com Gift Shop for £18.95 here which is a tiny bit steep but it is something that you can bring out every year and it much more exciting than the standard chocolate advent calendar!

It can also double up as a Christmas decoration and can be proudly be displayed on a sideboard or in the kitchen and will fit in with most decors. 


As for chocolate treat ideas to fill this advent calendar or any fill-your-own calendar really. I am thinking it needs to be filled with cute little chocolates like some lovely Lindt Mini Bears here and Thornton's Robin Alpine Logs which really are a work of art here. The rest could be filled with pick n' mix sweets and small toys or just more chocolates if it's for an adult. 

I will of course be moving the numbered boxes around so it's more interesting and thinking of some extra special treats for the 23 and 24 boxes! 

Do you still have an advent calendar? If so what kind do you get? 

Last year I went for a Thornton's one... and actually wouldn't recommend it as the chocolate tasted quite cheap! 

Fee xo.

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