Christmas Gift Guide - 5 Unique Beauty Gifts


When it comes to buying a gift for a true beauty lover it can be tough! Beauty sets just don't make the cut and you can never be to sure what they already own. 

So here I have come up with 5 ideas that I feel are slightly out of the box without costing too much!


Framed Vintage Beauty Prints
 Prints from £1.98 at All Posters
This is one of my favourite ideas and at quite a reasonable price as well. My idea here is to buy a large vintage print/ad and frame it yourself. Above are a few of my favourites from a large selection that can be found on All Posters in the Hair & Beauty Vintage Art section here. My favourites have to be the two vintage Bourjois prints from around 1950 here and here which only cost £11.99 and are quite a large 50 x 70 cm in size. Then a large frame could be purchased from Ikea (or similar) for around £7. Making this a great large gift for under £20. 

Forever Young: The Science of Nutrigenomics for Glowing, Wrinkle-Free Skin and Radiant Health at Every Age by Nicholas Perricone
£7.69 - Amazon here 
For the skincare obsessed. This was a book I came across when trying to find more in-depth beauty books to read and this is definitely in-depth. Most skincare lovers will have heard of or tried out the pricey Perricone MD products but now Nicholas Perricone shares a lot more details on how to achieve good skin though diet, supplements and products. 100% on my Christmas list. 

Create Your Own Couture Nails Inc Nail Polish 
£20 - Nails Inc here
I absolutely love this idea! Though the Nails Inc website you can now create a customised bottle of nail polish as an amazing gift for a friend or family member. First you select your crystal topped cap from a selection of 8, then it's on to picking your shade out of the 72 available. Then on to the best part - creating a name for the polish! This could be the name of the recipient or you could get creative! Then finally you are able to customise the gift box with different stickers. For £20 I feel this is excellent value for money. 


Japonesque Lipstick Palette Kit 
£9.75 - Amazon here
This reminds me of a more grown up version of the 'Make Your Own...' sets I remember receiving at Christmas when I was a lot younger. This kit lets the recipient use up all there nearly used lipsticks or select their favourite lipsticks to create a compact lipstick palette. Or they can even combine shades to create whole new lipsticks! This is an interesting gift that I can see most beauty lovers being pleased to receive. 

Allure Beauty Magazine 12 Month Subscription 
£24.83 Delivered or £12.42 for Digital copy to tablet/iPad here
One of my favourite gifts to give and receive is a magazine subscription for a year as it's something that can be enjoyed every month and really does feel like a gift that keeps on giving. Sadly here in the UK we don't have a specific beauty magazine and have to make do with small beauty sections in fashion magazine. However there is Allure, which is the No.1 beauty mag in America.... and it doesn't actually work out that pricey at just under £25 if purchased through compared to Whsmith who charge £70 for the same subscription?! There is also the cheaper option of purchasing a digital subscription.

Hope this has been a helpful gift guide! 

What has been your favourite beauty gift to receive? 

Fee xo.

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