Guest Post - That Lisa Clare's 5 Favourite Things about Winter


A lot of people may think I’m mental when I say how much I look forward to Autumn/Winter every year. Thinking about it, it is kind of odd to look forward to freezing temperatures, dark nights and white knuckle weather conditions.

 For me though, there are a few things about Winter that put it head and shoulders above Spring/Summer, despite the central heating bills and terrible photography lighting. Featured in no particular order…


I just love getting warm! There’s no better feeling than wrapping up in a HUGE jumper and hiding under a blanket with a nice cuppa when it’s freezing out. I find it much harder in Summer to get cool. There’s only so much you can take off! I also love the look in general of a big, chunky knit with skinnies and a pair of tall Winter boots. It’s one of my favourite styles, not to mention one of the comfiest. And don’t even get me started on scarves, snoods and woolly hats…. Heaven! Last year I took up crochet and I’m already lining up many many projects to keep me snug this season. 

Every year at around this time I get it into my head that I want to be Zooey Deschanel. Without fail. Out comes the chocolatey brown hair dye followed by my hairdressing shears. I just think it’s a great look for Winter and one that can be adapted to suit anyone. I accept that a bang straight, full fringe doesn’t work for everyone but a good hairdresser can adapt a fringe to suit almost any face shape. Plus it’s that little bit of extra protection from the cold and looks fab peeping out from under a winter hat. 
argan gold

I’ll admit that I’m a bath lover at any time on the year. In fact, we never even had a shower in our house until I was about 14. I was raised on long, hot baths and cannot be without them in Winter. They really are the best way to warm up and relax. Of course this also means that I am a bubble bath fanatic and I’m quite choosy (and use approximately a quarter of a bottle in every bath, naturally). Radox are a favourite of mine but just recently I’ve been trying these Argan Gold bath and shower products by Creightons. I’m a total argan convert and I love the idea of soaking in it. I have the creamy bath and the shower butter and, as well as smelling gorgeous, they are vitamin rich and so good for the skin (and a total bargain at £3 each). 

I’m not a coffee drinker. I don’t touch it at home and don’t even buy it. When Winter comes around, however, I turn into the biggest Starbucks/Costa freak going! I’m so lucky that my University is within spitting distance of both and, as the weather has been getting colder, a coffee run has become an essential errand en route to lectures. I’m also a sucker for Christmas flavours and the infamous Starbucks ‘Red Cup’. Gingerbread and Toffee Nut Soya Lattes are a seasonal staple for me. I can’t survive the Winter without them! 
BarryM Matte 074-horz

Seasonal Nail Polish Shades
As soon as the wind picks up and the leaves start falling, all the neons and pastels in my nail polish collection are BANISHED and out come my neutrals, browns and berry colours. I find I always go for darker shades in Winter as well. Dark chocolate, deep wine red and raspberry shades. This year I’ve discovered the new Matte shades by Barry M which are so season appropriate! My favourite so far, however, has got to be Nails Inc St Martins Lane from their Limited Edition Autumn/Winter Collection. It’s the perfect deep blackcurrant/violet that reminds me so much of Ribena! Only problem is I’m still a bit clumsy with darker polishes, as this photo will demonstrate haha.

What do you love about Winter? Do you look forward to the change in seasons? 

You can visit Lisa's great blog here.  

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