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Ahhh, how I love Pound shops! Well shopping in general really, but oh how satisfying it is to pick up £10+ priced items for only £1 (yes, I'm talking about those OPI's!). 

 I was quite restraint however as I've discovered it's very easy to spend £15+ in the likes of Poundworld and Poundland. So I just picked up the nail polishes that caught my eye and a couple of other products only spending £5.


OPI Shatter Nail Polishes have been doing the rounds of Pound shops for the past few months now but as you can imagine these do sell quite fast. But finally I spotted some in my local-ish Poundworld and snapped them up. Here I have applied them like a normal nail polish but they are of course meant to be applied over a dry nail polish to give that shattered effect. Though as you can see the green shatter does kind of work on its own! 

OPI Shatter - Super Bass Shatter (Nicki Minaj collection)
This is a pink-y/purple shatter with a subtle micro shimmer to it. Definitely not one to wear alone due to being streaky as you can see above. However I can imagine this looking great as a shatter over a silver or gold foil/metallic shade.

OPI Shatter - Shatter The Scales (Spider Man collection)
A lovely emerald shatter with visible silver micro shimmer to it. This really is a lovely shade and as you can see can be worn with no base so that it's an opaque nail polish - very pretty as a winter or festive shade. Though as a shatter I would wear this over a nude base as the emerald green could clash with other colours.

W7 Metallic Saturn 
I also picked up this amazing W7 nail polishes that I'm so pleased with. The tone of it is just beautiful. Expectt a nail of the day with it very soon! You can pick up the shade from eBay for £2.95 here which is really worth it!


I also picked up....

Kleenex Facial Cloths
These are pretty cheap everywhere at around £2 but I always make sure I pick some up when in Poundworld as they are very handy. I use these to remove nail polish - half a sheet does both hands, and also to use with micellar water/makeup remover. 

Garnier Under Eye Dark Circle Lightening Cream 
This was a total impulse purchase... but at £1 you can't really call it that can you? I do have the odd sun spot under my eyes, around where you would get dark circles so anything that claims to lighten the skin in that area is worth a try. I don't think this was ever available in the UK so I'm quite interested to try it. 

Nail Polishes are definitely my highlight of the Pound shops! What are your favourite products to pick up from the likes of Poundworld and Poundland? 

Fee xo.

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