NOTD - China Glaze Red-y & Willing


Today I have a perfect autumn through to winter, through to Christmas nail polish from the China Glaze Autumn Nights Collection to show you. 

This wonderful nail polish has really impressed me and I know it will be a firm staple of mine this autumn/winter.

Red-y & Willing is an opaque high gloss red shimmer/metallic. So rich and deep in colour that the shade reminds me of ruby jewels on the nails. Quite festive but also perfect for darker nights and colder days.

You can find this specific shade for £6.08 from Amazon UK - here


Application is super smooth and can be left at one coat, it really is that opaque... though habit made me apply two coats here! This also drys in a flash and contains hardeners as a bit of a nail treatment to the nails.

As for price I really think £6 for this polish and all the rest in the collection is excellent value for money... especially considering a few high street nail polishes are priced over £6 *cough* Revlon and Bourjois. 

Overall this is a stunning nail polish and my favourite from the Autumn Nights collection.

Fee xo.

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