Autumn Comforts Wish List - Under £5


All little mix of things I have been eyeing up recently on eBay that are perfect for Autumn. In fact I've already purchased a few things as I couldn't resist them! 

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish in Bronze Ablaze 
£1.99 (£1.95 p&p) - here 
 Fast Drying, from Sally Hansen and a duo chrome... what couldn't I love about this! Even the stock image of the bottle looks good but I always google for swatches and can say it looks even better on the nails. Very autumnal and unique. One you will just 'ooo' at when it's on the nails as the light picks up all the different flecks of colours.

Loose Nail Glitter - 20g bags 
£1.29 each (free p&p) - here
Anyone remember a post I did on blowing glitter onto the nails by placing it at the base of the cuticle? You can find it here - though the post is old and the photos are a bit rubbish. Well this is what I'd exactly do with these amazing glitters that are only £1.29 each. So many shades to pick from but Chocolate Brown, Copper and Wine caught my eye the most for this time of year. You could also just sprinkle these slightly over each nail or pack it on to a single nail as an accent. So many options!


Rilakkuma Hand Warmer Pillow 
£3.88 (free p&p) - here
Yes, I really am a 5 year old in disguise! I couldn't resist this for the cuteness and because I do always have very cold hands! Also I'm thinking it may stop me from using my phone when relaxing and watching TV (who am I kidding!). I purchased the 'relaxed bear' hand warmer but there are so many other ones that would make really cheap but cute Christmas presents for little ones. Is it wrong that I'm thinking I could take this on holiday with me as my aeroplane pillow?

Tony Moly Berry Magic Lip Tint in Grape 
£3.70 (free p&p) - here
Can't say I know a lot about these as the description is in Korean. But I do know that they are by Tony Moly, a brand I've always been impressed by, they look like jellies in little pots and from Google I can see these really are lovely pigmented lip tints. These also come in Green Apple and Strawberry. Just something a little bit different and autumn appropriate. 

Squirrel Tapestry Cushion Cover 
£4.50 (£1.00 p&p) - here
Okay, slightly over £5 and only a cushion cover... but printed thick cushions like these are normally way over £10 and I know I have spare cushion inserts from cushions I don't like anymore. This would sit happily on my 'blogging chair' in my living room with the rest of my autumnal decor.

Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac in Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin 
£2.84 (free p&p) - here
Ohhh I'm such a sucker for these cute scented anti-bacterial hand gels. But I just can't resist them as they seem so american-ish (.... because they are Fee) and the scents just lure me in. This would be my Halloween choice but I know I will probably skip getting any now and look out for some lovely Christmas ones soon enough.

Orange Maple Leaf Garland - 8ft 
£4.75 (free p&p) - here
Another purchased item that is now decorating my mantel piece and looking very autumnal and lovely. You can actually see a bit of what it looks like in this post here as I trimmed some off the end as it was too long and used it as a photo backdrop. Much like Christmas decorations, yes I now have Christmas on the brain, I know I will be able to bring this out ever year to add an autumnal touch to my house. 100% worth getting for Autumn/Winter or even Halloween. 

Hope you have enjoyed my random eBay wish list! 

Fee xo.  

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