5 New Lipsticks


With a handful of new amazing looking lip products in some wonderful shades I couldn't resist showing them off and swatch them all. A couple haven't even been worn out yet as I'm having a bit of a lip overload at the moment (my collection is pushing 180+) but from the look of all the swatches below I am going to be loving them all! 

My new lipsticks are as follows...

Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream in Rioja Red 
I have already decided this is going to be my Christmas Day red lip (talk about planning ahead) because this literally is the most vibrant red that just doesn't budge. Meaning come Christmas Day I can be popping chocolate after chocolate between opening presents and don't have to worry if my red lip is half way down my chin. In fact after I tried this out I was so impressed that I decided to put it through it's paces by brushing my teeth! A slightly strange idea I know, but I wanted to see if it still stayed put... and it did! This may be one that you need to watch out for giving you a line around your lips as it wears and maybe adding a lip balm over the top for comfort as it is on the dry feeling side, but this really has amazing staying power and feels so festive & vibrant! 
Buy from Amazon (or Superdrug) - £4.99 here.
Soap & Glory Super Colour Fabulipstick Powdercoat in Super Nude  
This is one nude lipstick I need to dedicate an entire blog post to as I could seriously go into raptures about this product. I've been wearing this for the past two weeks and it is love. I'm normally not one for matte lipsticks but this smoothes over any slight dry patches and makes them vanish with an added comfortable feel... it's also slightly scented with a toffee/popcorn scent that is just mmmm. As for the nude shade I could see this being one that suits all - against my fair skin it is my lips but better and slightly darker and it definitely warms up my skin a bit. This also have a lovely defused finish to it like it has been blotted out to make the lips look flawless and that slight bit plumped up. A perfect nude lipstick for me. 
Buy from Boots - £9 here.
 Kiko Latex Like Lipstick in Attractive Pink
Ohhh the one I'm in lipstick limbo about! You see I absolutely love the finish and shade of this, it is literally amazing on the lips. Buttttt it is so gritty! I have actually read numerous reviews on the Latex Like range to find out if it's just this shade or the one I have that is so gritty feeling on the lips but I am still to work it out as most fellow bloggers have commented on how smooth it feels on the lips. However I am just going to have to put up with it as I love the finish so much. Unlike all my other glossy finish lipsticks this is one step above that by looking like it has been freshly applied and dewy. I can also totally understand why the lipstick is called 'Latex Like' as it does have that shiny/elastic look to it that really is perfect if you are into glossy lipsticks. Also this specific shade works so well against pale skin tones. One for my upcoming holiday makeup bag for sure! 
Buy from Kiko online or in-store - £7.50 here
Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in Flesh 504 
A pretty luxe lipstick here from Giorgio Armani with the first ever CC lipstick range - CC standing for colour and care. This combines an actual lip treatment with a buildable colour and glossy finish. However with this shade the lips do need to be well exfoliated first (I'm sure this won't be the case for darker shade) but once applied to smooth lips this looks amazing. I've tried so many baby pink shades in the past as they just don't work against my skin tone but this is just vibrant and warm enough to just work. This also comes with a satisfying magnetic close that I have actually sat and open and closed just for the fun of it! I'm still not over how the magnet actually twists the cap to the right angle and then shuts close..... I'm sounding like a weirdo here but if you are pass a GA counter just have a sneaky play with one and you will see what I mean! I also received a sample booklet to try out three other shades in this collection so I will be sure to do a full post with lip swatches soon. 
Buy from Selfridges - £25.00 here.

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie in Raise The Bar 
Last but certainly not least my new autumn/winter berry shade. This for me is a safe berry shade that isn't too dark/hard to wear, probably due to the subtle gold shimmer tit has that makes it look softer than one straight shade. I haven't worn this out yet but I have tried it on the lips and this literally glides on and feels like butter, very lovely indeed. This also has a very weighty expensive feel to it with an interesting push open at the bottom to give the packaging a sleek look. Once the weather goes that bit colder I will be fully trying this out.
Buy from Amazon - £15.90 here.
 What has been your most recent lipstick purchase? 

Fee xo. 

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