Cheap but Unique Autumn/Winter Nail Polishes


However much I love my berry-toned wintry shades I thought I would focus on some more unique and interesting shades that can be worn on the nails for autumn/winter. 
I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to interesting nail polishes but I do love a bargain. So many hours have been spent looking at nail polish swatches to hunt down cheap but amazing shades online. I know a lot of people turn to textured nail polishes when they want something a bit unique but I'm all about duochromes and opaque glitters. So here are my top 5 that I absolutely love! 


Left to right...
W7 - Metallic Saturn (91)
A wonderful green gold metallic here that just hits the spot for Autumn. Slightly duochrome is different lighting but on the whole just an amazing jewelled old gold/green shade. Only requires two coats and as you can see with a very smooth finish. This is actually from the W7 Metallic Plants Collection which you can see amazing swatches of via Honey Munchkin here. Buy from Amazon - £3.50 here.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Chocolate Nut (full nail swatch below)
Over the past year or so Sally Hansen has become my favourite nail polish brand - from brights, to nude and glitters, I am always impressed with the quality and the shades, not to mention the interesting shade names. This specific polish is such an ideal shade for autumn/fall as it's a lovely warm brown with subtle gold glitter running through it. In fact it was so pretty on application that it made me realise I own very few brown nail polishes and definitely none like this. Application is spot on only needing 1-2 coats and as the nail polish states it does dry as hard as nails! Buy from eBay - £3.19 here.

W7 - Moondust (99)
 Another impressive W7 nail polish that I had to include. This is like no other nail polish I own in formula or appearance. First the formula is just so amazing like the finest liquid sand nail polish that just glides onto the nails and dry almost instantly. Also even with 3 coats (though it only needs two) it feels so thin on the nails, really different. As for the micro glitter it does appear on the whole to be mainly silver but once it catches the light beautiful flecks or red and blue can be seen! Buy from eBay - £2.85 here.

Kiko Lase Nail Lacquer - Venom Teal (435)
A duochrome teal/purple here that borders on the more teal. This is a stunny vampy offering from Kiko that is wonderfully glossy and edgy. Application is a breeze in two coats and dries to an ultra glossy finish. I'd personally wear this as an evening shade as it's rich and jewel toned, plus artificial lighting seems to pick up the purple in the shade especially around the edges or the nail. Buy from Kiko online - £4.90 here.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Gilded Lily
This is maybe my ultimate autumnal nail polish as it reminds me so much of crushed dry vivid autumnal leaves. Gilded Lily is a wonderful combination of copper and gold glitter in a minimal clear base. Unlike a lot of densely packed glitters this does require 3 coats but it creates a glossy looking glitter rather than the finish looking rough/dry. A wonderful nail polish that literally glows in winter sunshine. Also a great dupe for OPI Golden Eye. Buy from Fragrance Direct - £1.49 here.


As mention Sally Hansen Gilded Lily is my favourite of the five but I also love W7 Moondust and Sally Hansen Chocolate Nut (just look at that beautiful subtle shimmer) so much.

If you would like to see any more full nail swatches of the polishes I have mentioned in this post please do let me know and I will make sure to create a nail post on it! 

Fee xo.

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