Christmas Decorating


Here I am talking about Christmas... again! On Halloween strangely enough but I really can't help it after spending yesterday creating Christmas-y nail art for an up coming post. Then shopping only to be greeted by Christmas decoration in shops... yes, still sporting my Christmas nails!

I personally love the lead up to Christmas so as soon as the shops start bombarding us with Christmas music and gifts I also get in on the act. Actually I have already bought a few Christmas decorations..eeeep! 

Two things that make me feel super festive is Christmas shopping and having Christmas decorations up... there is nothing better than watching a film in the dark with the Christmas tree lights twinkling away, it makes me feel all cosy and festive just thinking about it! So in November I get to combine the two and can go Christmas decoration shopping!


As you can see from a few of the pictures above from last years decorations I went for chic silver theme. This year I'm going to keep the silver but as I liked the rustic look of the twigs I sprayed (above) I'm going to add to this with more of a Scandinavian feel - more wooden decorations and white going on. 

Last year I purchased my first ever 'forever' decoration that I intend to bring out for years to come, which was the lovely light-up wooden church you can see above from John Lewis. I placed it on the centre of my mantel piece and it looked lovely at night. So this year I intend to treat myself to another special decoration that I can cherish and keep... which may end up being a new Christmas tree! You see I may have slightly ruined my tree last year after trying to create a snowy effect with snow-in-a-can, pretty it did look but it didn't full dry so it was place back in the box looking a bit of a state. My ideal tree would be one of these lovely Narnia-esqe ones that look like they are weighed down in snow... but I shall have to see!

I will also be getting my craft on a lot more this year - last year I created the little twig display, managed to ruin my tree with fake snow and create giant paper snowflakes that I love so much (possible tutorial I'm thinking). This year I have already hunted down a fab 3D Star tutorial from a lovely blog called Kate's Creative Space that I plan to create many of in various sizes and alternately paint white and cover in silver glitter then display on my dining room chimney breast. I've also realised that tree decorations that can stand up (little reindeers, birds, present boxes etc) can be easily converted in to ornament by snipping off the string - so easy! 

Hopefully this post isn't too premature and a few of you share my excitement for Christmas already! 

Fee xo.

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