Savvy Sunday Skincare - Autumn Wish List


Come Autumn I can't say I change up my skin care routine that much. In fact I can't really think of anything I do that differently except for treating my skin to more face masks and always using a serum pre moisturiser.

I do however have a few products that I am dying to try out and thought I would share them with you

Mudd Original Mask 10 Application Pack 118g
£3.99 - Amazon or Boots here
I mentioned this sachet face mask back in July and ever since then I've being using one every few weeks as they do such a good job of soaking up excess oil and helping with blackheads. So I feel it makes sense to buy a 10 application pouch that will probably last me more than 10 uses. This has to be the most deep cleansing face mask for oily/blemish prone skin on the high street, you can actually see the mask drying and extracting oil from the skin (for me this is around my nose and chin). This along with the Amie Cooling Clay mask is my favourite face mask.

Skinfood Watery Betty Serum 70ml
£12.90 - eBay here
Oh, how Korean brands suck you in with their cutesy names and aesthetically pleasing packaging. And in this case also lovely sounding ingredients - Ringonberries, Cloudberries and Raspberries from Lapland! From the poorly translated information I gather this serum claims to help absorb moisture by 30% and is actually presented as a product to use for a change of season. This may seem like a total gimmick of a product but I have always been pleasantly surprised with Korean skincare I have tried out.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque 236ml
£5.27 - Amazon here
 I have been wanting this face mask for the past year and still haven't purchase it, but this month is the month! This is a mask that's been a huge hit in the U.S and has amazing reviews all over the internet. Much like the Mudd mask above this draws out impurities in the skin and is really deep cleansing. I'm sure I will love this when my skin is feeling over oily or spotty.

L'Oreal 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil 150ml
£7.99 - Boots here
If you have read my skincare routine (here) you will know that I love the NUDE Perfect Cleansing Oil but at £28 for 100ml it isn't cheap. So I am hoping the fairly new L'Oreal Cleansing Oil will be similar enough to it - pennies in my pocket if so! I've been really impressed with L'Oreal makeup removers in the past year (love the Miceller Solution) so fingers crossed with this one!

Jason Quick Clean Makeup Remover Pads
£6.19 - Feel Unique here 
This is a wish list product enabled by Ruth from A Model Recommends who has mentioned this quite a few times (review here). These are basically no 'nasties' face cleansing wipes that also remove waterproof eye makeup and are very cooling and soothing to the skin. In fact Ruth even suggests these make lovely eye masks, which is definitely perfect for me as I do suffer from puffy eyes if I've not had enough sleep! The tub contains 75 pads which for £6.19 is very affordable. Will be getting these ASAP. 
 If you have anything you would like to see in an upcoming Savvy Sunday Skincare post please do let me know. I'm fast running out of ideas! 

Fee xo. 

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