Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub Review


After mentioning Soap & Glory's The Breakfast Scrub in many a blog post over the past two years I thought it was about time I actually gave it a full review. Especially as it's my favourite S&G product! 

When it comes to shower products I am all about body scrubs as they are generally sls-free, last longer than a shower gel and exfoliate the skin. I currently have 6 different body scrubs in rotation in my shower (a little excessive I know!) with The Breakfast Scrub being my most used and loved.

The Breakfast Scrub from Soap & Glory (£8.00 300ml - Boots here) is a glorious body scrub that comes in a huge 300ml tub and wonderful girly retro packaging. There are two things that make this scrub my absolute favourite - the scent and the consistency of the scrub. 

The scent is a yummy combination of maple syrup, oats and honey that can be enjoyed as you massage this over the skin, it really is the most amazing smell. I find the scent works perfect for use in the morning and at night as it's just a very pleasant and comforting scent, not artificial smelling in the least. 

As for the consistency of the scrub I feel Soap & Glory have got it spot on, it's neither too rough nor too smooth, just the perfect formula to exfoliate the body thoroughly. This also holds together well on wet skin so you can massage it over the body without losing half of it down the plug hole like a lot of scrubs I've used in the past. 

When washed off, the skin is left feeling smooth but without any oily layer unlike other thick scrubs, which for me is a bonus as I'm not a fan of that slightly sticky feeling to the skin. 

Overall this is amazing scrub that really feels like a treat every time I use it! Also the huge tub lasts forever.

P.S - This has had a bit of a price drop in the past year as it use to be £9.50!

Fee xo.

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