Inspired Nail Art - D&G Floral Print Crepe Dress


Next series alert! I thought a change of season called for a new blog post series and I'm seriously looking forward to this one. 

As I'm sure you all know I love my nail art so I thought I would create a series of 'Inspired by' nail art posts and this is my first one... nails inspired by a £1,330 D&G dress! 

According to Net-A-Porter dark florals are a key trend this Autumn so this dress seemed the perfect fit for my first inspired nail art attempt. I was also inspired by how the floral design bordered the dress and knew that could be translated on to the nails easily.


I also knew a steady hand and a fine nail art brush would be needed to create the detailed floral design however I really didn't expect them to turn out as well as they have! I must admit I am pretty pleased with them for a first attempt! 

Here is a run down of the nail polishes I used and how to create the D&G inspired nail art...

1. To start I applied two coats of Avon Speed Dry nail polish in Rapid Black and waited until my nails were totally dry.
2. Next I mixed a little Ciate Paint Pot in Mistress with Avon French Manicure in White to create a pink shade on a sheet of tin foil (so the nail polish stays wet) and also a blob of both nail polishes individually.
3. Then taking a precise nail art brush (I used the red tipped nail art brush from this set here - £2.58 for 6 brushes, eBay) I started to paint on the flowers nail by nail. For the larger flowers I started with the white shade then added red to the center and for the small flowers I started with the pre-mixed pink and added white and red where I felt it needed it. My nails may look detailed but at this stage it's just about creating small blobs.


4. Leaving the basic flower pattern to dry I then mixed Revlon Minted with a small amount of Avon French Manicure in White, again on a pieces of tinfoil. 
5. Taking the same nail art brush (of course cleaned with nail polish remover) I picked up the smallest amount of the pre-mixed light mint green shade and painted on the leaf detail next to random flowers. Having little on your brush for this really does help with the slightly streaky effect. 
6. To finish off the flowers I dotted the center of each with Avon Rapid Black on the tip of my nail art brush. For the larger flowers I added a few more small dots.
7. As with all nail art a glossy top coat diffuses the lines slightly so I went for my favourite - Seche Vite Top Coat (mini bottle - £2.80 eBay here) to complete the manicure. Which prevents chipping and gives the nails an ultra glossy finish!

Hopefully I've explained it well enough if you are wanting to re-create these nails but from next week I will be making sure I do a step-by-step tutorial with images. 

Speaking of next week I have already found my high end fashion inspiration in the form of a bag and it's a fun one with shades perfect for autumn! 

Looking forward to this nail art series already! 

Fee xo.

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