Oh My Haul - Autumn 2013


In yesterday's 'Autumn Treats Wish List' post I explained how I like to treat myself  to little bits of things as the weather becomes a bit colder... a slight problem seeing as the UK is more cold than it is warm. 

But I never spend a lot and always manage to grab bargains online and in shops, so I thought I'd show you a haul of a few things I've picked up in the last few weeks - all season appropriate.


Autumn Sparkle... 

When it comes to glitter nail polishes I really don't care what the brand is as long as it's pretty! And these two are just that. Technic Bedazzled (£1.88 - eBay here) is a simple copper glitter I'm in just love with, so perfect for Autumn as the shade is like burnt orange fallen leaves. This is one coat of the glitter so I'm thinking this can worn over any colour of base nail polish or built up with 3 coats for an opaque finish... accent nail amazing-ness! Mad Alice (£1.88 - eBay here) is also amazing with a deep purple base and multi coloured and sized glitter... I really can't believe it was so cheap and I love the name of the shade - perfect for Halloween/Bonfire Night and winter. 

This have been happily placed on my nail polish wall now, which made me realise that I haven't got anything similar to these two glitters. A full nail post of Bedazzled to come soon when I decide what base colour it will look best over. 


Cosy Interiors... 

I really enjoy making my house look and feel a bit more cosier come autumn and winter. Fairy lights go up around the fireplace and I make sure I add a throw and comfy cushions to the sofa. 

To hang on the fireplace I purchased a lovely large wicker heart from Waitrose.. which you can actually find reduced to £4 on the John Lewis website here (and click & collect from JL or Waitrose for free). This will add to the cosy neutral theme I'm going for but also work well as a Christmas decoration. I also picked up a Waitrose Home candle in Coconut & Sandalwood as I've realised I find sandalwood a very relaxing scent. But sadly I couldn't smell this at all when I burnt it... I don't understand why companies produce candles that don't burn with even a slight scent, what is the point! So if you want a nice autumnal candle don't buy any from the Waitrose Home range as you'll waste your money.


Autumnal Style...

Lastly I made a small impromptu Asda Direct order when trying to find a onesie (I've finally given in and decided I need one to keep warm). I failed at finding an appropiate onesie but did find lots of lovely clothes for autumn at come bargain prices. All collected from my local store for free with the Click & Collect service.

I'm no fashion blogger so I thought I'd just show a glimpse of what I ordered and link to the pages where you can see the items in full. I picked up some Textured Joggers (£12 - here) just to wear around the house which have to be the softest things ever, perfect for loungewear. These are very nearly all sold out.. but it's worth looking for them in store. I also picked up the cutest pair of Woodland Pyjama Bottoms (£6 - here)... which I didn't photograph as I'd worn them to bed the previous night and was sat in them taking these pictures! But as you can see from the link they are so adorable and really great for only £6. I also picked up a Horse Print Contrast Top (£6 - here) and a Rose Print Peplum Top (£6 - here) both of which are flattering and perfect for this time of year.

Favourite buys have to be the lovely Bedazzled glitter nail polish, the wicker heart and my ever so cute pyjama pants.

PS. Can someone tell me how we're in the last week of September already?! 

Fee xo.

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