NOTD - China Glaze Electrify (Favourite Autumn Glitter!)


Today I thought I'd talk about my favourite nail polish for autumn. There are two reasons for this... 1. It is now officially autumn 2. Electrify is currently on sale at Beauty Bay for only £5.56 here!

As I've previously mentioned I really don't care which brands I purchase glitter nail polishes from... it's all about how sparkly it is and the colour of the glitter. I truly believe even 99p glitters can be amazing but if it's super special I am willing to spend £5+. So this is one of my more special glitter nail polishes that I absolutely love!

China Glaze Electrify was actually a part of the Hunger Games collection which was released last year in 2012. The nail polish itself is made up of red and gold glitter which is packed tightly into the bottle, meaning only 2-3 coats are needed for an opaque finish (like I've done with these nails). 

As this is a mixture of red and gold glitter I feel this gives an overall copper glow from afar which just reminds me of crisp autumn leaves - so pretty! I also love how this glitter polish glows both in bright light and even when it's dull. It really is something special and so autumnal.


As this is is a packed glitter it is super easy just to wear it on it's own like I've done here but also great for wearing in different ways. Above I've just come up with some ideas over different base colours. My personal favourites are the Electrify over a black base coming up from the base of the nail and over the lilac which I didn't imagine could work. I also quite like the idea of using it as dots, though I would be neater on my own nails. 

This really is an amazing glitter and is actually one of my favourite nail polishes ever which is saying something when I own over 300 nail polishes! I may actually have to do my Top 10 Nail Polishes at some point actually!

As mentioned Electrify is currently on sale here

What is your favourite nail polish for Autumn/fall? 

Fee xo.

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