eBay Autumn Treats Wish List


Come the slightest bit of cold weather my mind turns to thoughts of hibernation and Christmas - early, I know. Which strangely results in me wanting to treat myself to nice things!

So here is a wish list that has been sitting on my desktop for the past week now that is full of cheap autumnal treats.  

Revlon Matte Suede Ruby Ribbon and Emerald City
£2.69 (free p&p) - eBay here
I have a few Matte Suedes nail polishes from Revlon now and really enjoy the almost matte finish it gives. So when I spotted these two shades and looked up proper nail swatches (hallelujah for nail bloggers!) they went straight on my to-buy list. Ruby Ribbon is my favourite of the two,  an amazing oxblood red that would look perfectly chic on it's own and rich and deep with a glossy or glitter top coat (to remove the matte finish).

Walden Farms Calorie Free Caramel Syrup 
£3.99 (£2.60 p&p) - eBay here
This may seem like a strange thing to include but I just had to! This Autumn I plan on making my own homemade Starbucks-esque Caramel Frappuccinos (this is what they look like - mmm so good) as I'm not in to hot drinks and I also want to try my hand at protein pancakes for breakfast and this calorie-free... yes, calorie-free Caramel Syrup would be ideal! I've read lots of reviews online because I was sceptical that it would taste yummy but apparently this is a winner! I really can't get my head around the fact it's fat and sugar free! 

Lanolips with Colour in Dark Honey
£3.50 (70p p&p) - eBay here    
I'm really not a fan of pure Lanolin but these are a whole different kettle of fish (a strange UK phrase for you there). These of course contain Lanolin (to keep the lips soft) but without the waxy consistency... in fact these glide over the lips and are wonderfully smooth. I adore the Rose shade I already have and the Dark Honey shade (which isn't actually dark on the lips) looks perfect for Autumn.


Fox Satchel 
£4.98 (free p&p) - eBay here
I couldn't resist not including these bags! Just so adorable and cheap! I personally love the brown one but the red is also calling me. Consider one purchased for taking on dog walks. Also these come from a UK seller. 

Organic Maple Leaf Soap 
£1.12 (free p&p) - eBay here
Call me sad but I find season appropriate soap in the bathroom pleasing. Zingy and bright soap for summer and always something festive and glittery (sorry guests!) at Christmas time. I have a feeling I may be taking it a step too far though with these cute Maple Leaf shape and scented soaps for autumn... but I don't care at this price!

Maybelline Colour Tattoos in Immortal Charcoal and Always Green 
£2.47 (£1.00 p&p) - eBay here 
Gone are the day of lusting after more MAC Paint Pots as these bad boys are so similar and a snip of the price. Always Green is a bit of a wild card for me as I don't normally go for green smokey eyes but with a deep khaki shadow I really think this shade could work. Immortal Charcoal on the other hand would be an ideal base for a dark smokey eye. Endless Purple is also available though the link above.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Wet Cement 
£2.98 (free p&p) - eBay here 
I thought I would include this nail polish even though I already own it as I think it's a great shade for autumn/winter. This looks great on its on and is a perfect base for speckled nail polishes. Huge fan of the Xtreme Wear range. 

Short Bow Wellington Boots 
£9.99 (£3.99 p&p) - eBay here 
I'm already thinking of autumn walks with my little dog and how it will mean either muddy boots or heavy wellies. So this year I'm actually going to treat myself to some of these shorter type wellies. I'm on the fence with if I like the look of them or not but I know they will be ideal for when it's muddy as I hate having to wear heavy over sized wellies. 

I'm really not sure how I manage to find so many things on eBay but I totally love writing these posts and sharing my finds. 

Fee xo.
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