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Following on from yesterday's post when I mentioned the free hand cream you can pick from The Body Shop until the end of the month (see post here). I thought I would go through my Top 5 favourite products from TBS as there's currently a huge 40% off all products in-store and online! 

 To take up the offer you can either show the code '14395' at the till in-store (ends Sun 22nd Sept) or use the code online with free delivery over £5 orders (end 2pm Mon 23rd Sept)! I personally never buy anything for The Body Shop full price as sales and offers are always popping up (and generally extended). So I make sure to place my larger orders when they offer 40% off makes everything such great value for money. 

On to my favourite products... 


The Body Mists...

Finally some grown-up body sprays! I discovered these only this year, first with the Vanilla scent for my birthday, which made me head straight to The Body Shop to see what they all smelt like and where I picked up Moringa (my favourite!). I then picked up Cranberry Joy randomly in the last sale... I'm trying to save it for Christmas but failing slightly. Which brings my Body Mist collection to three... though I know I will end up purchasing another one for winter, I'm thinking the Shea scent and also a limited edition festive one! 

What I love about these is the fragrances are so true to what they are and don't have that alcohol smell to them. I also find I can spritz away until my hearts content as the bottle is a huge 100ml, I even use the mists as room sprays and on bedding. These also come in 9 different scents... highly recommend sniffing them all in-store to find a favourite.

All priced at £7.50 for 100ml here


The Hair Care...

Rainforest Moisture Shampoo... This is more of a recommendation for SLS-free lovers than anything else as I know how the high street does lack in sulfate/sulphate free products that are cheap. If you don't use SLS-free shampoos and you pick this up I'm sure disappointment will incur just because it won't preform like a 'normal' shampoo and your hair won't be use to it. Rambling aside, this is one of my favourite shampoos to use in the shower (tempted to try the £2.00 60ml sizes of the other shampoos in the range now). For a SLS-free shampoo this foams well with it's syrupy consistency with the scent of banana, ginger and all round tropical-ness. This really adds moisture to my split ends and hydrates my hair. Also silicone and paraben free!

Banana Conditioner... Now I will admit I love this purely for the smell but it is also a pretty nice every day conditioner that leaves the hair bouncy and conditioned. I wouldn't say I particularly love anything with a Banana scent but there is something about this that is so uplifting and fresh smelling... actually reminds me of making a fresh smoothie with lots of bananas when I smother this all over my hair. Light enough to apply from root to tip to de-tangle and add bounce. I'm not surprised this is a best seller. 

Shampoo - £4.50 for 250ml here
Conditioner - £4.50 for 250ml here


The Butters... 

Body Butters 50ml... I've picked up so many mini body butters over the years as I'm a bit fickle and like to try out out the different scents according to each season. For summer and holidays I absolutely love the Mango Body Butter and also the Coconut. For Winter I prefer the Shea Butter scent and plan to try the newish Chocomania scent as the weather gets colder. These just feel so buttery and luxurious to use and really do moisture the skin well. There only seems to be the Chocomania mini online but you can also pick up Lip Butter and Body Butter sets for £7 (saving £2) here.

Lip Butters...These little tubs of goodness are one of my favourite lip care products to use in Autumn/Winter. Again I absolutely love the butter texture that just slides over the lips and eventually soaks in to hydrate and sooth. These come in a range of scents with the fruity ones smelling so delicious. Though not a Lip Butter I'm dying to try out the new Honeymania Lip Balm. 

Body Butters £13.00 for 200ml here 
Lip Butters £4.00 each here

Hope this has been helpful if you plan on taking advantage of the 40% off sale before the end of the weekend. 

Fee xo. 

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