Models Own Fireworks Collection + Swatches


Both the Models Own Fireworks & Velvet Goth nail polish collections are launching on the Models Own website today (Boots stores from 4th Sept) and since I have shown you the swatches of the Velvet Goth collection (here) I thought it was time to show you the Fireworks collection! 

The new collection consists of 5 glitter top coats all with firework names - which I love! However I don't think I will be the only one thinking that this collection feels a bit too early... Bonfire night is November 5th, no? But Models Own's eagerness aside this is a wonderful collection for any nail lover.

The 5 nail polishes consist of different pieces of glitter from micro glitter, holographic strands and mini hexagons suspended in a clear base, meaning these can be worn over any nail polish. Right now I this will be wearing these over nude and pastel shades, then come winter darker shades such as deep aubergine and black. I'm also thinking these could also be quite festive if the silver, red or gold top coats were paired with a metallic gold or red base for a super Christmas-y manicure!

From top left to right - Roman Candle, Sparkler, Rocket, Banger, Catherine Wheel.
On nails - 2 coats Models Own 'Bare Beauty' as a base, 1 coat 'Rocket'.

Favourites from the Fireworks collection have to be Rocket (red glitter) and Banger (blue glitter) as I think these are the most full on glitters and will look as equally pretty with a light or dark base. However I feel Catherine Wheel is the most 'firework' like as it has a lovely mix of red and gold glitter... a perfect one for Halloween & Bonfire night. Sparkler is also a really lovely glitter with just holographic silver strands that could be worn over a base on its own, built up for a more opaque finish or with another glitter. The only one I'm not that in love with is Roman Candle as it just doesn't seem all that special and I don't seem to like purple glitters for some reason. 

As for application these are very quick and easy to apply, though I would say sometimes the strands do hang over the tip of the nail but can be fixed by running your fingertip over the tip of the nail to push any glitter down.


I really think this whole collection will look pefect teamed with a black base especially for Bonfire Night so I will make sure to do swatches on a black nail polish base nearer the time. 

Overall these are perfect autumn/winter glitter top coats and will cover you right from Bonfire night to Christmas and New Years Eve! 

Which new collection do you prefer - Velvet Goth or Fireworks? 

Fee xo.

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