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For today's Sunday skin care post I thought I would talk about manual face exfoliation, as in the world of skin care it seems to be frowned upon. Especially when it comes to blemish prone skin as it can apparently make problems worse. Instead acid AHA toners are suggested that can help with spots, blackheads and whiteheads. 

Now I personally like to take 'the proof is in the pudding' approach and have found facial exfoliators to only improve the texture of my skin and to reduce whiteheads and blackheads and haven't found them to spread spots when I have them. Also I do actually like using a scrub once or twice a week (it's less now that I use my Clarisonic).

Of course over exfoliating the skin or using a harsh scrub can be more detrimental to the skin than beneficial so below I have listed 5 very different exfoliators that have one thing in common; they are all mild on the skin. However if you are still finding you're developing more spots (or broken veins) then in may be wise to take a break and see how you get on and then try out an AHA toner (I've heard lots of good things about the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Lotion).


Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel 60ml
£22 - Cult Beauty here 
10g Sample £2.00 (free p&p!) - Ginvera website here

This is probably the most unique exfoliator out of the 5 featured in this post as the consistency of this product is just a gel but works at removing dead skin cells like a facial exfoliator would. You simply apply a blob to clean dry skin and rub it all over the face concentrating on the T-zone, within seconds the gel is dissolving dead skin cells and balling up, then to finish you simply wash your face with warm water. This really is equal measures of amazing and bizarre as you see your skin balling up in to little balls as you rub the gel around your face.  

I have reviewed this already here and I'm now on to my 2nd tube. This is ideal for anyone that has sensitive skin that can't tolerate other exfoliating products or is prone to broken veins. Also I think this is an ideal product for when you want to exfoliate your skin but will be apply makeup straight after as this causes no redness to the skin at all. A really interesting product that feels like magic!  

Amie New Leaf Skin Exfoliating Polish 75ml
£5.79 - Amazon here 
£4.95 - Boots & Waitrose

Since discovering the amazing Amie Cooling Clay Mask (review here) I have been eager to try a few more products from brand in hope they would be just as good... and I have and I can confirm they are! Amie is a no nasties brand and this face scrub is pH balanced and great for sensitive skin. The polish itself is of a creamy consistency containing bamboo and jojoba micro beads that work well to exfoliate the face without being harsh at all - no angry red face here! It is also worth mentioning that this is the only manual scrub (one with grains in it) I have used that actually doesn't dry my skin out even a tiny bit. 

The exfoliating polish also has a lovely fruity mango scent to it making it quite an uplifting summery product, which is why I like to use this for morning showers.


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (13g travel size shown) 
£11.50 for 13g - Beauty Cow here 
£40.30 for 75g - Look Fantastic here
Another really interesting facial exfoliator here with the Daily Microfoliant. As you can see this is a fine white powder (rice powder in fact) that is added to wet hands then rubbed over the face. This is highly effective yet extremely mild on the skin, no scent as such and the grains, if you can even call them that, cannot be felt at all as you rub this around the skin. This works at dissolving that rubbish-y top layer of dead skin that makes the skin look dull and also helping to reduce blackheads. This does leave the skin feeling very clean and slightly taut so a moisturiser is needed.

For me this is an express treatment that I use at the sink or in the shower when I'm in a rush but still want to make my skin look bright and feel softer, as I literally rub this over my face for 30 seconds, if that. The only downside is the price.... I have the travel size which has lasted me a very long time so the huge full size product really would last you years and years... which is great but it is £40! So I would highly recommend the travel size of this that comes with a handy shaker top.

Organic Surge Skin Perfection Face Polish 75ml 
£6.49 - Organic Surge here 
£6.99 - Bath & Unwind here 

A similar face polish to the Amie with this one but with a more grown-up and organic feel to it. If you have been keeping up to date with my Savvy Sunday Skincare posts you will know I do like my Organic Surge facial products - I highly rate their day cream, eye gel and face wash! I find OS products to be well balanced and kind to my skin... and at an affordable price. Meaning I had high hopes for this! Compared to the Amie Face Polish the consistency of this is less creamy but more like a day cream if you will and with less of a scent (I can slightly pick up a herbal smell) so nice and mild. The exfoliating particles in this are finely ground olive stones held in the cream with different essential oils such as Rosemary, sweet orange and lemon. 

This is a good choice is you do want the feel of a scrub but also want something that you know will be good for your skin and mild. An all round good egg with this one.


DIY Steamcream Oat Facial Scrub 
£12.95 Steamcream tin - Feel Unique here

Last but not least a DIY option that is more of a scrub/mask treatment that will calm the skin and exfoliate it slightly. Here I have used the wonderful Steamcream as a base for the natural DIY scrub, as it is a light cream that is ideal for using on the face, body and hands.... not to mention it comes in a zillion different collectible tins. Mixed with some rolled oats which are extremely cheap to buy. As you can see in the above image I simply mixed the two ingredients together and applied the scrub mask to my face. This can be then rubbed into the face and used as a natural exfoliator or you can sit and relax for 10 minutes letting the Steamcrean hydrate & nourish the skin and then you can exfoliate the skin with the oats before rinsing off. This is lovely treat that really is soothing for the skin.

Would love to hear what products you use to exfoliate your skin and if there are any brands you would stay away from (mine would be St.Ives - too harsh!). 

Also if you have any ideas for upcoming Savvy Sunday Skincare posts that would be amazing!

Fee xo.

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