Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry Me


Finally got myself some Baby Lips! Yes, as a lip balm lover it only felt right I jump on the bandwagon, though to be fair I'm sure I would have been lured in by the vibrant packaging and the fact the product is called 'Baby Lips'. 

I decided to pick up 'Cherry Me' resisting the 3 for 2 offer... but now I may be kicking myself that I didn't get Peach Kiss and take advantage of the deal as this is also a lovely tinted lip balm from the range. 
To give a quick overview of the new range from Maybelline, the collection consists of 6 Baby Lips Lip Balms all priced at £2.99 each. Three of which are clear balms with an SPF 20 and other caring benefits to the lips and three are tinted lip balms (which I personally find to be the nicest). They all come with fruity scents as well. You can find them currently at Boots for 3 for 2 here or Superdrug 2 for £5 here.


As you can see Cherry Me is a sheer pink/rosy red tinted lip balm, though I should state it can be built up a little more than in the above swatch where I was wearing a swipe over my lips to give a glossy tint (also note the tint will look different from lip to lip). Also as you can probably notice it does diffuse lines in the lips making them look slightly more full, which for me is the 'baby lips' like element. I actually really like this aspect of the balm as most lip balms don't overly give that effect. The scent of this is also cherry which isn't overpowering, just subtle and juicy.

For hydration as these claim to give, I would agree to a point, the solid balm easily melts onto the lips on application and is very easy and comfortable to wear... though after an hour or so the balm totally wears off and my lips feel exactly the same. So they do smooth the lips to a point but would never replace a good moisturising lip balm... though I am yet to try the 'Intense Care' or 'Hydrate' ones, which aren't tinted but claim to really nourish the lips.

For £2.99 these are 100% worth it! If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet I highly suggest you do! 

The next ones of my list to buy are 'Peach Kiss' and 'Hydrate'. 

Fee xo.

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