Manhattan Go Big Eyeshadow Pens - Under £2 each!


A bit of a cheap-y dupe for the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Sticks today! 

Last month I discovered German cosmetics brand, Manhattan which has made it's way to eBay, Fragrance Direct and Xtras at some pretty low prices. I've been tempted by a lot of the products but thought I'd try out the range of Go Big Eyeshadow Pens first at only £1.27 each! 

Much like the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Sticks these lovely Manhattan Eyeshadow Pens are creamy, smooth and pigmented. They can also be worn alone, blended together or used as a base for powder eyeshadows. And come in some beautiful shimmery shades. 


Sandal Wood 
£1.27 (free p&p) - eBay here 
£1.99 (free p&p) - Xtras here

This was the shade that initially caught my eye as it looked such a shimmery brown/neutral shade, ideal for a smokey eye. But I really wasn't expecting such high shimmer and a rich tone. This smooths over the lid with ease and can be blending out with fingers or a brush.

My favourite way to use this is worked into the crease and outside corners of the eye and brought down under the eye slightly with a soft angled eyeliner brush. My swatches for this really don't do it justice!


Amber Rose 
£1.99 (free p&p) - eBay here 
£1.99 (free p&p) - Xtras here

Another beautiful metallic shade that goes perfectly with Sandal Wood. This shade is wonderfully golden with rose undertones and looks amazing all over the lid. Amber Rose has also got a brightening effect as the light bounces off the shimmery golden finish.

Pearl (swatches below)
£1.27 (free p&p) - eBay here
£1.99 (free p&p) - Xtras here
Pearl is a shimmering white shade that have an iridescence to it. Not as amazing in shade as the two others however very useful as a base or to highlight the inner corners of the eye and the browbone. I find my eyelids tend to be darker than my pale skin tone so I've been using this as a brightening base for powder eyeshadows and it has been working perfectly. I didn't expect to love this shade but it's come in handy and I love that it doubles up as a brow highlight as well.

There is also a Grey shade in the range which can be found via eBay for £1.27 here and Xtras for £1.99 here.


The downside of these as they are so creamy is that they do crease if worn alone and not as a base, however I've found dusting a little translucent powder over my lids really helps... though if creasing does happen it can be quickly corrected by blending it out with your fingertips (for reference these crease similar to the NYX Jumbo Pencils).

The other negative is that these do require sharpening quite often, though it's not such a big deal. 

Overall I'm so pleased I decided to try these out! Amazing for the price. 

Fee xo.

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