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Last week a lovely reader (who writes the blog Peony and Peach here) suggested I write a top 5 body scrubs post like my previous 'top 5' post on body butters here. Which I thought was a great idea seeing that I have so many scrubs in my shower. 

Plus body scrubs are especially nice to use in autumn/winter when skin can be feeling a bit dry.


Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Body Scrub 238g 
£36.00 - Beauty Bay here
This is my ultimate indulgent body scrub that is like heaven in a tub. Sara Happ is known for her amazing lip scrubs but decided to branch off with one body product and you can instantly tell a lot of time has gone in perfecting this scrub, from the bow detail on the box to the gooey dessert like consistency. Talking of the consistency hopefully you can see from the above image how indulgent this scrub is - gooey, thick and made from crystallised sugar. As for the scent this really does smell edible and so, so yummy - think a sweet caramel and vanilla dessert. Also contains high quality ingredients with no nasties.

Unlike other scrubs I've used this warms up as it's rubbed over the body and the wonderful sugar crystals melt slightly which feels glorious and almost sticky (this of course easily washes away and doesn't leave any residue behind). Absolutely perfect for pamper nights when you want to exfoliate the skin but don't want to be scrubbing away. A total treat and also a perfect present for anyone that likes there body products.


Melvita Extra-Gentle Body Scrub 200ml 
£16.00 - Look Fantastic here 

  My pet peeve when it comes to shower products is synthetic scents and I always find fruity ones to be the worst. Which is why I'm just in love with this body scrub as it's the most natural smelling shower body product I've come across. By natural I'm not talking with a hint of herbal here, I'm talking fresh oranges... this is one juicy smelling scrub! Every time I use this, generally in the morning as it's so fresh and reviving, I just think 'wow' at the fresh scent. 

Consistency wise as you can expect it is gentle with sugar cane and orange peel to exfoliate the skin making this a perfect every day scrub or for someone with sensitive skin. It is also held in a lovely jelly that glides over the skin with ease. I've repurchased this 3 or 4 times now and as long as Melvita sell it I shall buy it! A perfect scrub is you like uplifting scents in the shower or as a summer scrub.


Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub Body Exfoliator 300ml 
£8.00 - Boots here

I dedicated an entire post to this scrub only last week here so I won't go on too much about this one. To quickly reiterate what I mentioned in review this again is another favourite of mine due the perfect scrub consistency (S&G got it spot on here) and also the wonderful maple/oat scent that is so comforting and yummy. 

If you do like your yummy scrubs opposed to sweet or fruity scents then you will probably love this... I haven't found anyone that hasn't loved it! In fact I love it so much I mentioned it in an article in this month's Weight Watchers Magazine (October 2013 issue) which reads - "The smell is perfect - think pancakes with maple syrup and banana - and the grains are just right, not too harsh and not too soft. And the pot is huge!". 


Neom Real Luxury Organic Body Scrub 332g 
£32.00 - Neom website here 

This is the ultimate spa-like body scrub I've come across and for that reason it had to make my top 5 cut.
 Made with 97% organic ingredients this feels as it you are using a sophisticated homemade scrub, with natural oils and a heavenly and calming scent of lavender and jasmine. This holds onto the skin as you rub in over the body and really does exfoliate without feeling too harsh. Unlike the other scrubs mentioned this leaves behind the oils in the scrub that coat the skin and eventually sinks in making the skin thoroughly moisturised and feeling amazing. A perfect one for winter nights when you just want to relax or for anyone with dry skin (you will love the oil left behind!).

If you want that spa feel and scent and a scrub that will truly nourish the skin this is the one to go for. Spa-in-a-jar!


Organic Surge Million Dollar Brown Sugar Body Polish 400g 
£35.00 (Limited Edition) - eBay here

Arghhh a bit of a fail here! Organic Surge have now discontinued this product, such a shame! But hey-ho you can still find it on eBay if you like the sound of it. This is a very similar body scrub to the Neom one, organic and very spa-esque. Though I actually think this tips it as it's a huge 400g pot and the glass jar is just amazing - such quality! 

I'm aware most of these are on the pricey side but if you're after something budget friendly then I recommend Treacle Moon at Tesco and N-Spa at Asda. Both offer scrubs at around £3 in some lovely scents.

I've also reviewed a few low priced scrubs here.

Fee xo. 

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