Lush From Dusk 'Til Dawn Massage Bar Review


Today I thought I'd review my favourite massage bar from Lush.
 This was initially part of the Valentine's 2013 collection at Lush but is now a permanent product... I'm guessing due to so many people love it as much as I did!

From Dusk 'Til Dawn (£4.95/50g - here) I feel is unlike any of the other Lush massage bars, which is maybe why I like it so much. I'm not a huge massage bar fan but this bar seems to produce more of an oil than the other bars and is so uplifting with it's natural citrus/orange scent.


This wonderful cone shaped massage bar, which is designed to be worked into knotted muscles, contains a lovely range of oils to moisturise the skin - Moringa Oil, Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Sicillian Lemon Oil and fair trade Cocoa and Shea butter. Making this one of Lush's most naturally zingy and citrus-y bars. The bar is also 20% lighter than the other bars so less effort is required to melt it over the skin and it lasts longer on the whole. 

My favourite way to use this is straight after a shower on warm damp skin. Working the side of the bar over larger areas which produces a lovely not overly greasy oil (the more you use it the thicker feeling the oil will become on the skin). I then work the oil over my skin with my hands. My favourite thing about this is the scent - very orange-y and uplifting but also comforting! Of course if used with a partner then the pointed tip can be used to work into the back muscles and is pretty affective.

Positives - Best value for money compared to the other Lush massage bars, good size and shape, natural ingredients, non-synthetic scent, uplifting.

Negatives - The unnecessary shimmery coating on the top (this does go within the first use though).

I'm already looking forward to the Lush Halloween products that will be out 23rd September! 

It always seems to mark my use of more Lush bath and body products as the weather starts to get colder.

Fee xo.

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