eBay Acrylic Lipstick Storage Holder - Under £3!


When it comes to makeup storage I'm all about clear acrylic holders. Yes, I love the options that Muji storage gives but it can be a little pricey if you need a lot. 

So I decided to head to eBay and pick up this amazingly cheap lipstick holder that fits in perfectly with the rest of my setup. 

   The acrylic/plastic storage is a tiered holder for lipsticks and lipglosses and can hold an impressive 24 products! The plastic does feel a little thinner than my Muju storage but that really doesn't change anything. You can find the lipstick holder here from an international seller (no custom charges to pay though!) for only £2.81 with free p&p. This does take a little time to arrive (around 3 weeks) but is 100% worth the wait.


My reason for buying this, other than it being extremely cheap, was to free up some space in my Muju drawers for more makeup products and I have successfully done that! 

As you can see I have 3 tiers of lipsticks and 1 tier of lipglosses. These are all my current favourites that I reach for often so it made sense to have them displayed out on my makeup table. I also think it makes for a really nice display! 

I thought I'd mention this holder as I'm so pleased with it for the amazing price and I know a lot of people are tempted by Muji Acrylic storage but not the price. 

Fee xo. 
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