Models Own Velvet Goth Collection + Swatches


Yet another new launch from Models Own - the Velvet Goth collection! 

These beauties are matte yet sparkly glitter nail polishes in 5  jewel toned shades. The bottles also come with limited edition velvet tops that give them an extra luxe feel for only £5 each. 
This new range is definitely one for Autumn/Winter and also textured nail polish fan. The collection launches tomorrow at the MO Bottleshop, online from 2nd September and Boots stores nationwide from 4th September.

As not such a huge fan of textured nail polishes I'm thankful to say these matte glitters aren't overly textured meaning these aren't gritty feeling on the nails and can be turned into glossy glitters with the use of a clear top coat! Below are the five nail polishes swatches* with the bottom swatch being a single coat, the middle swatch 2 coats and the top swatch 3 coats with a glossy top coat.
*Please note the shades will appear darker on the nails


I thought I would start with my favourite shade from the collection. This Emerald green is wonderful with two coats but comes to life with 3 coats and a top coat to give it a glossy finish. In fact it instantly reminded me of this dress from Motel which is equally amazing. An amazing deep emerald green that will look great come autumn and also at Christmas!


This has to be my least favourite shade from the new collection as it just isn't as impressive as it looks in the bottle sadly. If this was to be worn alone then 3 coats would be needed or else it just wouldn't be that deep or rich looking. However there is the option of applying a dark purple base coat to the nails and then applying a single coat of Amethyst to give a look more similar to the bottle. Not awful by any means but just not as grabbing or rich as the other 4 shades.


Oh my, what a pretty one Obsidian is! This is the one that I love the matte finish with - especially with two coats. The reason for this is the large multi-faceted sequin glitter that really stands out in the polish. I also like that it isn't just another black polish with glitter in it, but a more charcoal shade. I really feel this look more like a high end nail polish and is the most unique of the collection. This will be one I will be wearing from autumn through to winter.


Is it possible to have another favourite? I'm loving Saradonyx as it looks great with a single coat, two coats and then 3 coats with a glossy top coat. I feel I could wear this with a pink base coat for girly raspberry nails, 2 coats with a matte finish for an interesting chic look in autumn and then glossy and glittery come Christmas (could this be better than China Glaze Ruby Slippers?!). I can't decide which swatch I like the most here in fact! 


This shade reminds me of a night's sky reflecting on a deep blue sea - just so pretty. This deep rich effect can be achieved by applying a top coat to create a glossy finish that really highlights the lighter glitter particles. You can also see below how this looks on the nails with 3 coats with and without a top coat. I also don't mind this with 2 coats for a brighter finish.


My thoughts of the Velvet Goth Collection...

Without applying a glossy top coat I think I would have found this a bit of a hit and miss collection, but with the use of a top coat this really brings some of the shades to life especially Absinthe and Valerian.

This is a great collection for Winter and the added velvet tops really add something extra to the polishes, though I don't think you could get away with throwing these in your makeup bag and them staying nice for very long. Favourites from this collection - Absinthe and Sardonyx, but I do also love the glitter and finish of Obsidian.

What do you think of the Velvet Goth Collection? Would you keep the semi matte finish or wear them glossy with a top coat? 

Fee xo. 

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