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Last Sunday I wrote about my morning skin care routine (here) so it felt only right to show my night routine this week. 

Though just as simple as my morning skin care routine my night time skin routine has more options. I like to have a range of cream cleansers to pick from depending on how much makeup I have been wearing that day and I also like a selection of products that I can use to remove my makeup in bed - yes, naughty but sometimes doing a thorough cleanse before bed just isn't going to happen! 

Being able to compare my morning routine with my night skincare routine I can instantly see that I use slightly less natural products and more pricey ones, especially when it comes to cleansing. But like my previous routine post I will give suggestions of high street alternatives as I have tried quite a lot.


Quick cleansing in bed... 

I'm sure any skin care expert reading this will be shaking their head right about now and probably wanting to shake me saying 'Miceller Water isn't a proper cleanser' and I would agree! But when it comes to nights when you just want to get in bed it's either this way or I sleep in my makeup... so based on that, Micellar water is good enough. 

I have already wrote about my lazy cleansing routine here so I won't ramble on too much but I will say that the L'Oreal Micellar Solution 200ml (Boots - £4.99 here) is a great product for removing all makeup without moving it all around the face, even heavy eye makeup. Though I do still use a separate eye makeup remover with Clarins Eye Makeup Remover Lotion for Sensitive Eyes 125ml (Escentual - £13.60 here) as I find I can get puffy eyes on waking from over using eye makeup remover.

To finish my quick routine I wipe over my face with some Lush Tea Tree Toner Water 100ml (Lush - £3.95 here) on a cotton pad to remove any residue. Then depending on how tired I am I will add a tiny bit of moisture (below) to my face then sleep! 


Thorough cleanse...

When it comes to cleansing properly I like to using a cream cleanser but if I am wearing more makeup then usual, I've worn SPF that day or my skin isn't as clear as it normally is I like to do a double cleanse.

My first step to double cleanse is with the Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil 100ml (Space NK - £28.00 here) which I absolutely love, I simply apply two pumps into the hands and massage it into my face and eyes to dissolve all the makeup on my skin. This does make you look like a panda but is easily removed with a warm wet flannel.  This really does remove all my makeup without leavving my skin feeling stripped at all so I can then do a second cleanse to make sure I have really got everything and to give my skin a deep cleanse. A possible alternative to this is the L'Oreal 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil for face & eyes 150ml (Boots - £7.99 here).

 Next I smooth on a cream cleanser (avoiding my eyes as these will be free of makeup) and massage it around my face a little. Then using the other side of the warm wet flannel I remove the cleanser by wiping it off using different clean sections of the flannel. For a normal cleanse I would of course apply the cleanser over my eyelids as well and softly rub my eyelashes to remove all mascara and eyeliner. As you can see I do have a few cream cleansers of rotation. My everyday one is the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 100ml (John Lewis - £13.25 here), for when my skin is feeling a bit dehydrated and lack luster or I'm wanting to spend more time cleansing my skin I opt for the Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser 200ml. As for the Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Cleanser (£24.00 - here) this is a new addition to my skincare that I have yet to test out fully but I can say it is very gentle on the skin and full of great ingredients.
 Cheaper alternatives would be the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser 200ml (Superdrug - £5.99 here) or the Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm 70ml (Boots - £8.99 here).


Moisturising and extras...

Once done cleansing I moisturise with Clarins HydraQuench Cream 50ml (Escentual - £27.20 here) which is my favourite moisturiser as my skin just drinks it up as I do suffer from dehydrated skin. A very similar cheaper alternative that is also light if you have oily/combination skin is No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream 50ml (Boots - £12.50 here).

I also use the wonderful Balance Me Radiance Face Oil 10ml (£15.00 - here) dabbed on spots, which I have raved about here so I won't ramble on about it. For another natural cheaper alternative I would recommend Amie Instant Action Spot Clearing Gel 15ml (£4.95 - here). I also use the Snowberry Facial Massage Oil on my neck and chest occasionally as a nice treatment however sadly it is quite hard to get hold of in the UK. 

As you can see I do use quite a lot of higher end products for my night skin care routine however the cheaper high street alternatives I have mentioned are also great! 

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Fee xo.

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