eBay Holiday Essentials - Under £5!


When it comes to packing for a holiday whether it's in this country or abroad I enjoy hunting down my holiday essentials a head of time. I actually create a little holiday box a few months before which I add to with travel minis (you can see the holiday box I created for my holiday last year here). 

I of course pick up a few travel minis from Tesco and Asda but I've found the best place to pick up holiday essentials is eBay. So here are some great bargains I've found so far... 

Makeup Bag - Chains Ahoy 
£4.29 free p&p here
 When it comes to makeup bags I am a bit fussy on the design, but then I think there are so many horrible ones out there! So I was really impressed when I came across this nautical themed one. A perfect design for holidays and it's also a good size at 30 x 21cm. Also come in a fun robot print as well! 

Tigi 5pcs Air Tight Travel Kit 
£2.99 free p&p here 
Travel bottles are essential for minizing space and weight in your suitcase. This set is not only cheap but contains 3 good sized bottles for shampoo, conditioner and fake tan or de-tangling spray (a must if you're going to be going swimming!). Then the two pots would be great for foundation and moisturiser. It also comes with a handy clear bag that is good in case anything leaks. I will definitely be snapping this up.
EcoTools Bamboo Makeup Brush Kit 
£2.89 free p&p here 
Now I'm not 100% sure on the authenticity of this brush set but having purchased the bigger sized set I know the quality of the brushes is really great. A travel set like this along with a few of your favourite brushes is really all you need. Also how cheap?!
Portable Power Battery for iPhone 3GS/4/4S 
£3.95 free p&p here 
I'm sure if you're a fellow iPhone user then you will agree when I say that the battery life totally sucks! Most days my phone will be dead by the afternoon so this for me is something I may just have to get. However this is more for if you are travelling within the UK really and may be taking more videos or photos and staying out all day. Just pop this on to the port at the bottom of the phone and you can instantly bring your phone back to life for up to 6 hours!
Refillable Perfume Atomiser 
99p + 54p p&p here     
Self explanatory really - think the Travelo but cheaper! This cuts down on having to take heavy perfumes with you on holiday and also means you can take it on the flight with you (as it's under the liquid limit). I will be making sure to purchase at least two of these for my upcoming holiday and fill them with my favourite fragrances.
Seche Vite Top Coat Mini 3.6ml 
£2.45 free p&p here
Seche Vite is my new favourite top coat however there is no way I would take a full bottle of it with me on holiday. But a top coat over manicures is 100% needed on holiday, with going swimming, going to the beach and being in the sun. So this mini bottle is absolutely perfect! So pleased I came across this. 
CND Solar Cuticle Oil Mini 3.7ml 
£2.85 free p&p here 
Another lucky find! This is the cuticle oil that all the top nail artists use so for me this is a great way to try it out without purchasing it full price. But again a great size for taking on holiday to keep your nails and cuticles in perfect condition. 
Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitiser Gel 
£2.84 free p&p here   
I feel I've mentioned these so much in the past month but hand sanitiser is without a doubt needed when travelling and on holiday. But these cute little anti-bac gels come in so many different scents to suit your tastes and the holiday you are going on. 

I also spotted something I'd never even heard of - Paper Soap Leaves, £2.46 here! These a thin paper like discs that are actually soap. They come in all different fruity scents and look ideal for keeping in your handbag and travelling with. I decided to purchase the cherry ones so I'm sure I will be writing a post on them soon enough. 

Fee xo.

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