Savvy Sunday Skincare - 3 High End Cleansers


For me cleansing properly and with the right products is the key to clear skin. So I personally prefer to spend on higher end cleansers with the right ingredients and save on products such as moisturiser and face masks. 

For my morning skincare routine I wash my face with a mild foaming wash from Organic Surge but at night I make sure to thoroughly remove all my makeup and cleanse my skin with something that really cuts it. Below is an cleansing oil (that I sometimes use as a pre-cleanse) and two cream cleansers that I highly recommend for all skin types.


This was my first step in to the world of cream cleansers many years ago and the one that convinced me how important cleansing was. At the time my skin was prone to breakouts but as I repeatedly used it every night with the provided muslin cloth I soon saw my skin have less and less breakouts and feeling a lot less congested. I now realise this is partly down the ingredients but also because I started to thoroughly cleanse. Now the Liz Earle C&P is my staple cleanser that I use quite frequently, especially with my Clarisonic. 

I personally think all good quality cream cleansers are suitable for all skin types but benefit certain skin types slightly more and the Cleanse & Polish is definitely suited to combination/blemish prone skin. This is just a reliable cleanser that I know will cater to however my skin is and also thoroughly cleanse it. 

You can purchase the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser Starter Kit 100ml from John Lewis for £14.75 here


As I mentioned above I sometimes use this as a pre-cleanse/it will be the first product I use when double cleansing. Though I do also use it on it's own when I'm not wearing that much makeup or just want to quickly cleanse. 

The reason why I use this as my first cleanser when double cleansing is that the oil is lovely to massage into the skin and really dissolves makeup (including eye makeup) as you do so. I actually find this a relaxing product to use and sometimes massage this around my face for longer than I actually need to. Then taking a hot flannel I remove the oil. Afterwards my face feels quite plumped up and not at all stripped which is why I like to use it before double cleansing with a cream cleanser. 

As the name of the product claims this really is a perfect cleansing oil and will work with all skin types as it's mild but affective. 

You can purchase the Nude Perfect Cleansing Oil 100ml from Feel Unique for £28.00 here


Much like the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish this is another lovely cream cleanser but actually more creamy and enjoyable to use than Liz Earle's C+P... so I use this when I want to relax and remove my makeup slowly. Like most higher priced cream cleansers this is super effective at removing all makeup including eye makeup and leaves the skin looking bright and feeling clean.

As you can see this is marketed as an anti-ageing cleanser which I'm sure would put someone in their 20's off purchasing it but I actually think as it's such a lovely mild creamy cleanser it's suitable for all ages and skin types... with anyone with normal/dry/lack luster skin benefiting the most. 

If you are looking for an effective but mild cleanser then this would be the one I'd recommend as I couldn't see this breaking out any skin type or drying out the skin. 

You can purchase the Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser 150ml from Amazon for £21.15 here

What is your favourite night time cleanser? 

Fee xo.

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