Neom Enchantment Home Candle Review


When it comes to candles you can't get any better than with a Neom candle (and yes, I did spell Neom wrong in the above image... oops!) 

They are without a doubt a luxury but with up to 50 hours of burning time this is a treat that keeps on giving.

I will admit I was recently lured back into purchasing cheaper non-organic candles, as I do miss impulse candle buys when shopping of random scents that take my fancy. But I have discovered three things - 1. the scent of standard candles is either too over powering which induces a headache or I can't even smell the scent at all. 2. The soot that is expelled from the flame is a bit worrying and more obvious now that I am use to burning organic candles. 3. standard candles burn a lot faster. 

So I will be sticking to only organic candles from now on... no straying!


So on to Neom's latest Limited Edition Candle...

Enchantment (£42.00 here) is a delicate, uplifting scent of Bluebell, Guaiawood and Rose that really bring the feeling and scents of a summers woodland forest indoors. 

Compared to Neom's other scents this is lighter but is almost more spa like than the other scents, making it an ideal candle to burn when relaxing at home. It really is hard to explain the unique scent it gives off that is as equally relaxing as it is uplifting.

As for the packaging the limited edition candle is presented in a frosted white glass votive, which gives off a nice glow when burning and also hides how much of the candle has been burnt. Plus the addition of a lovely wooden candle cap, that again hides how much of the candle has been burnt and keeps the surface of the candle free from dust. This also fits any of the Home candles in the Neom range. I can't help but think once it is burnt up it can be re-used as a place for house keys or even on the side of the sink for soap or cotton balls.


As I mentioned Neom is a luxury brand with luxury price tags but their candles compared to standard candles are just miles apart. Not do they scent the whole home but they are an experience in that the scent really is therapeutic and can really uplift your mood.

This truly is a beautiful candle an now my favourite scent from Neom along with Refresh which is a summery blend of lemon and fresh basil.

You can purchase the candle here but I am going to direct you to A Model Recommends as Ruth has a lovely 15% off code that she is sharing with her readers until the end of the month. 

Fee xo.

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