Launch Issue of Heart Beauty Magazine


Let me introduce you to the launch issue of Heart Beauty Magazine - an new Australian glossy dedicated to beauty and working in the industry. 

The first issue includes amazing work from Rae Morris and 9 interviews with some iconic makeup artists!
I love my international beauty reads, from Allure to Marie Claire U.S and Elle Canada, so I was pleased to get my hands on the first issue of this newly launched magazine. The publication is of course available to purchase in Australia (though apparently it has been selling out left, right and centre!) and online for Australian customers for $8.95 here. However if you are in the UK and want to grab a copy of this then WH Smith will order it in for you if it isn't already stocked on the shelves - you simply just need to ask (I say this as not many people know that WH Smith provide this service).

The price does convert to £5.40 but of course will be higher than this due to delivery costs etc. But if you are in the beauty industry or an aspiring MUA then this will be worth it for the amazing imagery and interviews in this issue! 

I won't lie, I do feel the first issue is a tad thin and padded out a little too much but there is a nice feature on the contents of a beauty bloggers handbag and a behind the scenes look at what goes on during a fashion shoot on location. 

But what makes this magazine worth buying is the amazing beauty looks - Rae Morris showcasing four amazing looks, nine Biba inspired looks from Rachel Montogomery and six absolutely stunning and inspiring looks from Nigel Stanisluas (one seen above). I am no makeup artist but I thoroughly enjoyed the images and can imagine these being of great inspiration for any up-coming or aspiring makeup artist. 

The other section that makes this magazine stand out is the nine interviews with some very well known makeup artists - Tom Pecheux, Lisa Houghton, Charlotte Tilbury, Charlotte Willer, Rachel Montgomery, Sina Velke, Liz Kelsh, Nigel Stanislaus and Rae Morris. I will now be trying a little pink blush on my cheekbones close to the eye to lift the look of tiredness, thanks to Liz Kelsh and Maybelline's Full 'N' Soft Mascara and Max Factors Liquid Effect Eyeliners are firmly on my to-buy list. When a makeup artist recommends a product I listen! Not only are the interviews interesting but questions such as 'What advice would you give aspiring makeup artists about securing an assisting agreement?' and questions on their affiliation with beauty brands are asked, which makes this a great read for anyone looking to get into the industry or is currently in eduction. 

If you are an aspiring make-up artist or just obsessed by beauty then I would highly recommend this magazine. However if not then I'd say Allure magazine would be a better way to spend your money. 

Fee xo.

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