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Please read my updated post that covers so much more! The Ultimate Guide to SLS-Free Shampoo (including SLS-free shampoo reviews).

As most of you will know I avoid products that contain SLES/SLS (Soduim Lauryl Sulphates) and have done for the past 3 years (7 years now!)... I even avoid it in my toothpaste! 

So I thought I would give a few quick reviews on some of the SLS-free shampoos that are in my shower. You may want to try a SLS-free shampoo like I initially did due to an irritated scalp/skin condition, you may want to improve the quality of your hair or you could just want to cut down on this ingredient due to it being an irritant and known for it's carcinogenic links. 

I personally find true organic shampoos to be generally expensive and also quite thin and lacking on the foam front (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is what creates the lather in products) so after lots of shampoo trialing I have found I am most happy using more well known brands that sometimes do contain weaker derivatives of SLS. So it you are very strict with the ingredients you use you may want to check the ingredients label before buying any of these shampoos I recommend.  

Also if you are new to washing your hair with a SLS-free shampoo it does take time, so make sure you persevere (don't switch up using a normal shampoo then a SLS-free one) and make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly. Plus don't judge the amount of foam (or size of it) by how well it will cleanse your hair!


The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo 200ml 
£4.50 - The Body Shop here 
This is my new accessible and cheap to buy shampoo. When pouring this on to the hand the consistancy feels a bit like a sticky gel but foams up pretty well (if you have never used a SLS-free shampoo before you may not think so but normally shampoos overly foam up but for no real reason). The trick to not use too much shampoo is to make sure the hair and scalp are thoroughly wet before applying the shampoo and working it in. This really is a great one to use is summer as it has a glorious tropical scent that has a banana scent to it.... great for morning showers. If you are new to sulfate free shampoos then I would give this a try as it can also be purchased in a smaller 60ml size for £2.00.

Full list of ingredients - here


L'Oreal Ever Riche Nourishing & Taming Shampoo 250ml
£5.99 - Boots here
Unlike any other shampoo I have tried this actually comes out as a creamy white shampoo that looks more like a conditioner. This also doesn't smell like any other shampoo I have used before as it's quite a perfumed scent of cocunut and vanilla which I really like a lot, in fact it remind me of an Estee Lauder fragrance I own and also Harajuku Lovers G. As for how this foams, again it is quite unique in that it creates what I would describe as micro bubbles of foam so it is quite a rich feeling lather, which again impressed me when I used it for the first time. 
The one thing I would say is that this really is a hydrating shampoo for dry hair so if you do have more greasy hair or it can go greasy quite quickly then this isn't for you as you will need to wash your hair again the next day. An excellent shampoo if you do have dry/damaged hair and want to restore it back to how it once was (along with a good conditioner of course). I don't use this every time I wash my hair as it does make my hair go greasy more quickly but I will be re-purchasing this as it is really nourishing and I love how it smells and foams.

Full list of ingredients - Couldn't be found online


Tigi Bedhead Foxy Curls Shampoo 250ml 
£6.50 - Fragrance Direct here
Before turning SLS-free I use to spend £1-2 on shampoo so I see this shampoo as quite a treat but a treat I can't live without now. I continuously have this in my shower and re-purchase it when it looks like it's running low. The consistency of this is the thickest of the three shampoos in this post and almost like a gel when you squeeze it out but you only need a normal amount of it and it lathers up really well. I don't have curly hair but I find that this shampoo is quite hydrating and frizz fighting because it is for curly hair. The main thing I love about this shampoo along with it working well for me, is the smell! This to me smells like sweets - jelly babies or just general pick and mix and I love that. I really am hooked on this product now. How I came to use this shampoo was trying out a mini 75ml size of it on Fragrance Direct which you can still find for only 99p here

Full list of ingredients - here  

 Hopefully this will help if you are on a quest to find more affordable SLS-free shampoos. I think I may do a similar post on SLS-free shower gels soon. 

Fee xo.

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