Lush Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder


Today I have quite a different review for you from Lush. I say this because I don't feel the purpose(s) of this product is that clear and it's also not your usual beauty product. 

However I feel like this is one of Lush's hidden gems and worthy of trying out.

Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder is one of two dusting powders that can be found in Lush for £4.50 for a 50g bottle - here. The 'how to use' on the side of the bottle is pretty straight forward - just apply to clean dry skin before getting dressed or going to bed. But for me that is pretty vague and just doesn't explain what the dusting powder is for. So for the past two weeks I have been trying it out in various ways to discover what it can be used for and I have been pretty pleased to discover it's quite a multi purpose product.


The dusting powder itself is light and soft with a true vanilla scent... nothing overpowering or synthic smelling here, just a perfect scent of vanilla, which makes sense as the bottle contains a whole vanilla pod which reall is a unique touch. The scent however doesn't stay on the skin too long as you would expect with any powder but it stays long enough to enjoy it.
As this is basically a luxurious talc the main uses for it are to apply it to the skin after showering when the skin is dry. This takes the skin for feeling a bit tacky (if that is the right word) to feeling silky smooth so your clothes just slip on. Tip: If you swim this would be a great product to dust all over before getting dressed. However I wanted to try out different uses for this product as I was certain it had other uses, so here are the ways in which it could be used...

Applied after using a Lush massage bar - This was my most pleasing discovery as I love using the amazing massage bars from Lush but they just leave too much of a tacky coating to my skin, but the dusting powder instantly fixes that problem by mattifying the skin and removing the tacky feel and excess oil. I now feel I can use the massage bars a lot more before bed and be comfortable to go to sleep after applying this now.

As a dry shampoo - This is similar to using talc as a dry shampoo, it will make your hair white if you use too much and it won't work wonders on really greasy hair but this is a much nicer product to use than traditional talc. Great for those times when you realise you have run out of Batiste!

To make towels/bedding/linen smell nice - This is definitely a 'house wifey' one, but if you like your sheets/laundry to smell nice then dusting a bit of this and shaking/patting it out will do the trick.

On skin on hot days - Without being too blunt this can also be used on sweaty areas of the body in summer! Back of the knees, feet.. and of course other areas! I have tried this on my feet and can totally see this being a god send when the feet get hot and start to rub against parts of the shoe in summer. 

This really is a simple product but quite a handy and enjoyable one to use. I absolutely love the scent and the added touch of the vanilla pod in the bottle. 

If you like your Lush products or trying out new things then this is without a doubt worth trying for the price.

Fee xo. 

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